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Davos Mountains

The 5 best ski resorts in Switzerland

Switzerland is an Alpine nation prized for its incredible scenery, majestic powdery slopes, and best ski resorts where you can encounter glorious snow and wintery charm. The Swiss Alps form up more than half of the nation’s region, with hundreds of ski resorts dotting the remote areas. We’ve picked only the Swiss ski resorts that […]

Lavertezzo Village

The most beautiful villages in Ticino, Switzerland

From the summits of its mountains to the shores of its lakes, the Canton of Ticino is dotted with a vast number of towns and villages, each with its fascinating past and unique personality. However, there are six that glow with even more splendor and that make tourists who visit them immediately fall in love, […]


Why should you visit Switzerland?

Switzerland may appear comparatively small to other European countries and frequently overlooked when deciding where to travel to, but it doesn’t fall low on its offerings. Whether it’s the magnificent mountain landscape, the heart-thrilling activities, or the food that will leave you awe-struck, you’ve got to encounter it at least once. Here are some reasons […]

The best kept secrets of Zürich, Switzerland

The best kept secrets of Zürich, Switzerland

Zürich, the biggest city in Switzerland, offers a plethora of jaw-dropping attractions and things to experience. If you’re looking to go beyond the well-known Zürich attractions, then follow the recommendations below and add these fantastic secret wonders to your Zürich bucket list. Open air baths With its incredible lakes and the beautiful river Limmat, Zürich […]


8 most charming villages in Switzerland

Switzerland is a land of awe-inspiring scenery and epic natural elegance. Home to some of the most attractive villages and towns in Europe, Swiss towns are the very definition of picture-perfect. It is a true bucket-list destination, from snow-capped mountains and pristine lakes to fairytale castles and flower meadows. Here are the eight most charming […]

Discover 5 wonderlands of Switzerland

Discover 5 wonderlands of Switzerland

Whether you are visiting Switzerland for the first time or not, you will always want to return to this wonderland to discover the hidden gems of this vibrant country. Switzerland is a vivid juxtaposition between fairy-like nature, impressive rail technology, towering mountain peaks, and historical cities that boast ancient museums, medieval and modern architecture. Explore […]

The top peaks of Switzerland

The top peaks of Switzerland

Many of the Alps’ photographic panoramas are in various Swiss regions and include the Pennine Alps, Bernese Alps, Bernina Range, Mont-Blanc-Massif, Uri Alps, and the Glarus Alps. As you journey through the various federal cantons, you’ll explore the glamour of the famed Swiss Alps that pave Switzerland’s heritage. Switzerland is bursting with glorious lakes and […]

Basel - the city of museums

Basel – the city of museums

There is no other more cultivated city in Switzerland than Basel in the north of the country. This city has always been the center of art and culture. Starting from the 1500s, Basel was home to many well-known artists like Hans Holbein and Albrecht Dürer, as well as public figures like Nietzsche and Erasmus, to […]