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The best cities in the world to visit with kids

If you’re looking for the perfect family vacation destination with plenty of things to do, places to eat and affordable accommodation, where should you head to? The Family Vacation Guide has revealed its 2021 ranking of The World’s Best Cities To Visit With Kids, with Rome, London and Paris taking the top three spots. With international travel rapidly opening back up, it looks like 2022 is set to be on the road ‘back to normal’ as families jet off around the world for a break from everyday life. But if, like many, you’re looking for inspiration on somewhere new to travel to over the coming months, you’re maybe wondering where the world’s most family-friendly cities for tourists are. The 2021 edition of The World’s Best Cities To Visit With Kids ranks the world’s 100 most popular cities with tourists on a whole host of family-friendly factors (think family-friendly hotels, child-friendly restaurants, safety, etc.).
If you’re looking for your next city vacation with your family, here are the top 20 destinations from their research that you should be considering:
Rank City Index Score
1 Rome 7.30
2 London 6.42
3 Paris 6.33
4 Dubai 5.79
5 Tokyo 5.77
6 Marrakech 5.70
7 Istanbul 5.37
8 Madrid 5.26
9 Barcelona 5.20
10 Prague 5.08
11 Moscow 5.04
12 Bangkok 5.02
13 Hong Kong 4.93
14 New York City 4.86
15 Lisbon 4.81
16 Denpasar 4.80
17 Hanoi 4.77
18 Jaipur 4.76
18 Chiang Mai 4.76
20 Phuket 4.71

Paul Johnson

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  1. It’s surprising how much children pick-up about places that they learn about at school. Not surprising that London, Rome and Paris are top of the list. Once kids get a taste for a place at school they want to see it for themselves.

  2. Marrakech is number 6 in table but you’ve got to decide whether it’s the right place for your kids. It’s crowded and often hot. But also very different. If they’re up to it the city is some education.

  3. Food has to be one of the reasons pushing Dubai up the table. You’ll find something for even the fussiest eaters in Dubai. There are so many fast food outlets and almost every nationality’s food can be found somewhere in Dubai. Kids ain’t gonna go hungry in Dubai.

  4. To be honest, with a little bit of planning and a willingness to be flexible you could give kids a great time in any one of these 20 cities.

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