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Your wellness safari in Africa

A wellness safari in Africa is a tranquil, magical experience that helps you tune into nature, discovering health and happiness through creativity, pampering, and nurturing. It offers a sanctuary where you can re-centre yourself, far from the busyness of everyday life and stresses of the world around us.

The slow but adventurous rhythm of safari life, whether on or off the game vehicle, facilitates a deep engagement with the vast wilderness areas found throughout Africa. Our senses sharpen and reawaken the need to reconnect with nature, doing so by slowing down, reconsidering, and appreciating the small beautiful things around us.

While on safari, we are reminded of nature’s restorative benefits to mind, body and soul. These are just three simple ways to experience a bush getaway in Africa that will leave you grounded and fully rejuvenated.

Get creative for a happy, healthy mind

Imagine immersing yourself in one of Africa’s authentic wild spaces and letting your creativity run free in whatever way comes naturally to you. Capturing moments creatively in any of the following ways, calls on you to connect completely with your subject of focus. And, when it’s time to set off home, you will be taking the bush home with you in a visual or written form that is personal and meaningful to you.

Need some inspiration for what creative passion to pursue while on safari? What about painting an enchanting swathe of landscape, perhaps one that only few get to experience in their lifetime. Getting to know the shape and colours of a secretary bird by sketching it as it stands proud amidst golden savannah grass. Feeling elated as your camera shutter opens and closes at the exact moment the tiny cheetah cub yawns in front of you. Signing off each day by capturing in words, the intrigue and beauty of the wild area you explored that day on foot with your private guide.

Eat well for a happy, healthy body

A wellness safari is as much about happiness as it is health. Nowhere is this more true than when you sit down to dine, as local heritage and cultural diversity, care for the environment, and food sustainability practices can be seen in the setting and on your plate. Whether out on a game drive, tucking into a picnic breakfast or lunch, or enjoying a barbecue African dinner, food that is consciously and ethically sourced will nurture your health and happiness. It will also make sure that the people and places you’re visiting are cared for too, in a responsible and sustainable way.

Each meal comes about through creativity and teamwork in the kitchen, and love for healthy, wholesome food from gardens at or nearby camp. The result? Magical morsels that tantalise your tastebuds and soon have you daydreaming about the next meal. From a private setting for two on your veranda to a bush dinner for all your favourite people under a starlit sky, the dining setup is tailored to you and those you are travelling with, no matter whether it be your significant other, friends, or family.

Slow down for a happy, healthy soul

Days on safari are adventurous and exhilarating. So it’s really important to slow down and experience the other side of a safari – think relaxing spa treatments and indulgent bubble baths. These are some of an African safari’s antidotes to any niggling pain and stress you might have brought over with you from home. And they do wonders for bringing your body, mind and spirit together into healthy balance.


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Relax completely as a skilled spa therapist works their magic on you to the healing soundtrack of nature. Don’t be surprised if you drift off to sleep in the middle of your spa massage or treatment! And then, is there anything that enjoying a bottle of bubbles, while soaking in bubbles can’t fix? Slipping into a canvas bush bath in the evening is the quintessential safari experience that melts stress off even the most tense shoulders. This pampering treat is also a nod to the historical culture of safaris and you can expect it to be one of your most memorable moments in Africa.

A wellness safari focuses on the quality not the quantity of the wilderness and wildlife, which is only possible through expert guiding and a range of activities that ensure constant immersion in the entire African safari experience. Because there really is nothing that can quite compare with the sense of well-being gained from spending time in comfort while immersed in nature. It is the ultimate, well-deserved time out, which if you haven’t taken yet, you are well overdue for!

Calvin Cottar is Director and Owner at Cottar’s 1920s Safaris. Cottar’s 1920s Safaris is an award-winning luxury 1920s safari camp and private bush villa located in the famous ‘seventh’ natural wonder of the world, the Maasai Mara in Kenya, and owned and managed by the oldest established and continuing safari family in Africa.

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Calvin Cottar

Calvin Cottar is Director and Owner at Cottar’s 1920s Safaris, an award-winning luxury 1920s safari camp and private bush villa located in the famous ‘seventh’ natural wonder of the world, the Maasai Mara in Kenya. Offering a bespoke safari experience, it’s owned and managed by the oldest established and continuing safari family in Africa. In 1919, together with his sons, Mike, Bud and Ted, Charles established ‘Cottar’s Safari Service’, one of the very first registered safari companies offering superior big game hunting and film safaris outfitting throughout Africa, India and Indochina. Cottar’s is proudly associated with The Long Run, Classic Safari Africa and Pack for a Purpose, and together with the Olderkesi Maasai Community, run the Cottars Wildlife Conservation Trust.

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  1. I’ve got to agree on the wellness benefits. A safari is a million miles from the pace of my usual life. I always feel so much better after a safari.

  2. Everyone becomes a photographer when they’re on safari. Nothing wrong with that. That picture where the lady’s painting is more my pace of life.

    I think you get more from a landscape when you have to think about it rather than taking a picture in a nano second. The painting’s probably better for slowing down and wellness.

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