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10 experiences not to miss in the Marvelous City of Rio de Janeiro

Ask any global explorer what the world’s sexiest city is and the likelihood is that Rio de Janeiro is near the top of the list. Its radiant beaches are a social gathering of all classes drawing in visiting sun-worshipers who ascend upon Cidade Maravilhosa, aptly named Marvelous City. The locals are known as cariocas which
Charming Sifnos attracts island-hoppers who seek an authentic Greek Island experience

5 Greek islands to visit when Greece reopens to tourists after the cornonavirus lockdown

As the world gradually reopens from coronavirus lockdowns, Greece is opening its borders to tourists on June 15. Greece, relying heavily on Summer travel, will attempt to jump-start the economy in time for the high season. Greece, with under 200 deaths and less than 3,000 of the virus, has been lauded for its early lockdown,
5 luxury midtown Manhattan hotels for your next New York visit

5 luxury midtown Manhattan hotels for your next New York visit

Midtown Manhattan is the epicenter for visitors to New York City. The bright lights, and massive billboards selling everything from fast cars to the latest Star Trek flick. Globally, the imagery of the Big Apple exists between the confines of Times Square continuing along Broadway Theatre District culminating two blocks away at world’s most revered