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5 alternative Paris museums to avoid the crowds at the Louvre and Musée d'Orsay

5 alternative Paris museums to avoid the crowds at the Louvre and Musée d’Orsay

The Louvre and the D’Orsay Museum are the two most popular museums in Paris, drawing record numbers of visitors in recent years. If you don’t want to deal with the crowds or have already been to the Louvre and the D’Orsay and want an alternative, there are over 100 other museums in Paris to choose […]

Eruption of Strokkur geyser on the popular Golden Circle Route in Iceland.

Is Iceland the safest country to travel to in 2020?

As many countries start to loosen their gathering restrictions and lift their travel bans, we can expect to be allowed to travel again soon. But where should we go? Which country is safe to explore in the post-pandemic era? The last few chaotic months we experienced will be a constant reminder of the need to […]

A Summer of staycations? It's time to explore England

A Summer of staycations? It’s time to explore England

With many of our favourite attractions now beginning to reopen their doors, VisitEngland have rounded up some ways to enjoy outings across the country. Plus, with breaks away now possible from 4th July, restaurants, pubs, campsites and accommodation providers are busy putting measures in place to welcome people back. Look at some of the creative […]

'Clean & Safe' Switzerland

‘Clean & Safe’ Switzerland

The Swiss tourism industry has launced its ‘Clean & Safe’ campaign. The campaign, consisting of an information platform and a label, was initiated by Switzerland Tourism as part of its ‘Recovery Plan’. For some guests, the step into the new normality comes with doubts and uncertainty. In order to strengthen confidence in Switzerland as a […]

Holidaying in France this Summer and Autumn

Holidaying in France this Summer and Autumn

The tourism and leisure industry has been one of the worst hit sectors around the world since the outbreak of COVID-19. With bars, restaurants and hotels closed plus significant travel restrictions in place, France (along with most other countries around the world) has been devoid of tourists since March. It was therefore incredibly exciting that […]

Umag Croatia

The irresistible charm of yachting on Croatia’s Istrian Riviera

On the north western coast of Croatia, the Istrian Riviera is an exceptional region sprinkled with charming villages and national parks where a blend of rich history and vibrant culture thrive. As Croatia remained relatively unaffected by the Coronavirus crisis and has been one of the first countries to reopen to yachting and international travel, […]

The best wineries to visit when in Spain

The best wineries to visit when in Spain

After having planned many trips within spanish wine routes, we can really appreciate that wine tourism keeps increasing every year. One of the main wine routes in Spain is undoubtedly the Ribera del Duero Wine Route, whose more than 100 kilometers long extend through the provinces of Soria, Valladolid, Burgos and Segovia. There are many […]

Best food addresses in the chicest area of Paris: Saint-Germain-des-Prés

Best food addresses in the chicest area of Paris: Saint-Germain-des-Prés

With parks, shops, restaurants and terraces open again in Paris, Parisians are gradually starting to fill up again the streets and the city is slowly but surely coming back to life, a socially-distant one anyway. Moreover, with French borders opening up on June 22nd for European Union members, and July 1st for many other countries, […]

Iberostar Anthelia in Tenerife

How hotel chains will look after us once we return

With thoughts slowly returning to being able to enjoy an overseas holiday once again, many may be concerned about how they will be looked after once they arrive at their hotel. We have looked into just three popular hotel chains to see what measures they have introduced with your safety, and well-being, in mind. Of […]

Iceland update: start planning, but maybe not flying just yet

Iceland update: start planning, but maybe not flying just yet

Since my last post there have been a number of developments in Iceland. Many positive and some that require re-examining. Therefore I have dedicated this month’s blog post to adding additional information and including any changes. The question posed 1 month ago was, ‘Is it now the right time to come to Iceland?’ My answer to […]

De-escalation in Spain: An update on Barcelona

De-escalation in Spain: An update on Barcelona

Pedro Sánchez, Prime Minister of Spain, has been present throughout the COVID-19 pandemic in keeping the country aware of how they should go about winding down lockdown measures. With 17 autonomous communities in Spain, all with differing populations and land sizes, the Spanish government’s plan to phase out measures has had to be adopted differently […]

Amsteram's diverse top 5

Amsteram’s diverse top 5

The beating heart of the Netherlands, Amsterdam holds some of the very best and most impactful attractions in the area. In no other place is there such a fine balance between culture, history and luxury. On every canal and down every street there is something new and exciting to discover and enough options to entice […]

10 things to do around Malvern, UK

10 things to do around Malvern, UK

Home to the Malvern hills, copious country pubs, famous spring water and bursting with history there is no surprise that Malvern is a popular spot for people to visit each year. The town is located on the border of Worcestershire and Herefordshire, beneath the rolling hills which provide stunning panoramic views of the Wye Valley […]

Charming Sifnos attracts island-hoppers who seek an authentic Greek Island experience

5 Greek islands to visit when Greece reopens to tourists after the cornonavirus lockdown

As the world gradually reopens from coronavirus lockdowns, Greece is opening its borders to tourists on June 15. Greece, relying heavily on Summer travel, will attempt to jump-start the economy in time for the high season. Greece, with under 200 deaths and less than 3,000 of the virus, has been lauded for its early lockdown, […]

Top 5 souvenirs to get only in Iceland

Top 5 souvenirs to get only in Iceland

Iceland is a country known for being hewn from Ice and Fire. Mountainous glaciers erupt in fountains of lava, towering cliffs give way to miles of black sand beaches and everywhere you turn, vistas offer views like nowhere else in the world. In the last decade, Iceland has used its incredible nature to become one […]

Why Kraków is Eastern Europe's new go-to destination

Why Kraków is Eastern Europe’s new go-to destination

Eastern Europe has seen vast abundances of new tourism in the last decade, with the region stepping out of its ex-Soviet shadow to announce itself to the world. With both vivid colour and vibrancy, Europe’s cultured east is the globe’s new extravagant phoenix rising out of the ashes. Eastern Europe is seasoned with brilliance, with […]