The most dangerous road in the world

Is this the most dangerous road in the world? Situated in Bolivia, just to the north-east of La Paz, the North Yungas has featured on BBC’s Top Gear and previously been billed as the most dangerous road in the world. Take a look at this video and see if you agree! Since the 1990s, it has become something of a tourist attraction and popular with mountain bikers; today there are a number of tour operators catering for visitors to the area.

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  1. Jamie S. says:

    What do they do when two vehicles going in opposite directions meet on this road?? Unbelievable! This is the one where the drivers periodically send a busload off the edge, right? I would like to see the bottom of this precipice.. must be a real scrapyard down there.

  2. Ms Johnnie says:

    Okay, seriously.. this is one Road that I won’t be Traveling.. EVER. it looks very scary to me just watching it on the video. WOW.. yep.. not going!!

    Thanks for sharing. Have a Blessed Day :-)

  3. Sian Morton says:

    I think it might be one way. My daughter travelled down here in a group of mountain bikers earlier this year. Now I have seen this footage she is in BIG TROUBLE!!!

  4. Samantha Branch says:

    We cycled down this road in 2008. I thought it was a marketing gimic as I wouldn’t have done it otherwise. It was terrifying! My friend and I sat out various parts if they were really dangerous!

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