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Cinque Terre: the 5 pearls of the Italian Riviera

Cinque Terre: the 5 pearls of the Italian Riviera

For the luxury-minded traveler, Cinque Terra is the gift to yourself that never stops giving. It will provide you with a lifetime of memories that, because of the unusual scenic treasures, will stand out from the other trips you have taken in your lifetime. It is both a National Park as well as a UNESCO […]

Pila Italy

Top 5 hidden gem ski resorts in the world

What could be more luxurious than having your own slice of ski heaven? Quiet slopes are just as important as perfect powder and first-class services, which is why we’ve put together our top five secret ski destinations in the world. Pila, Italy Pila has the sought-after combination of being both lively and intimate: its small […]

5 reasons to choose The Three Peaks for a Winter holiday in the Dolomites

5 reasons to choose The Three Peaks for a Winter holiday in the Dolomites

The ski resort of Three Peaks Dolomites is located in South Tyrol amidst the Unesco World Heritage Dolomites. It remains an undiscovered and uncrowded ski experience even after winning multiple awards. The ski runs are perfectly groomed and with an efficient system of man made snow, skiing is always guaranteed. Providing more than 100 km […]

saint marks basilica, venice italy

7 secret ways to visit St. Mark’s Square, Venice (while avoiding the crowds and staying cool)

Everyone that visits Venice will go to St. Mark’s Square, period. And you must as well. But how can you do it differently than the millions of selfie-taking tourists while garnering food for your brain and staying cool to boot? Most consider St. Mark’s Square to consist of the Basilica, the Doges’ Palace, and the […]

Eating amongst the snow covered pines

Top 5 mountain restaurants in Zermatt

While any form of exercise can burn calories, there are special benefits to skiing. One reason is the effort your body goes through to stay balanced. Which is a roundabout way of saying, tuck in, you’ve earned it. It’s more than likely that you’ll want to refuel in the middle of the day and you’re […]


5 of this season’s best ski destinations

Are you trying to figure out where to ski this winter? Perhaps you’re considering the wide, open skies of Canada or the Alpine slopes of France? Take a look at our pick of the hottest places to ski during the upcoming season to help you decide. Panorama, Canada To truly feel like you’re walking in […]

From Milan to Modena: top 5 culinary experiences

From Milan to Modena: top 5 culinary experiences

Milan and Modena are two culinary gems, located just a 3 hour drive from each other – perfect for a long weekend for food lovers. From the simple yet divine ‘Italian colazione’ consisting of a coffee and freshly baked ‘cornetto’ at pastry institution Pave, to aperitivo at Terrazza Aperol and homemade food deliciousness courtesy of […]

Autumn city breaks: Europe's greatest capitals

Autumn city breaks: Europe’s greatest capitals

It’s that time of year again: uncertainty over whether to pack the umbrella (do it), doubt over whether to cycle in the rain (don’t do it), and the annual household argument over central heating (it’s definitely cold enough). Yep, Autumn is here. The onset of our third season also means that we can start deliberating […]

7 climbs to get stunning scenic photos in Florence

7 climbs to get stunning scenic photos in Florence

Cameras have evolved into a permanent must-have part of our mainstream culture. Whether it is a part of a smart phone, or a high-end DSLR, we use them to communicate online and off, for email and social media, for business and education. When traveling, cameras have become as ubiquitous as a passport. Even more so, […]

Stunning scenery in Sicily

10 UNESCO World Heritage Sites to visit on a Mediterranean yacht charter

A luxury yacht charter is the ultimate way to visit the great UNESCO World Heritage Sites of the Mediterranean. Disembark by day to wander the villages of Amalfi, hike Sicily’s volcanoes, or walk the walls of Dubrovnik, before returning to your yacht, chatting excitedly about the wonders you’ve seen, dining on deck as the yacht […]

5 of the most popular attractions in South Tyrol

5 of the most popular attractions in South Tyrol

This year has seen a large influx of tourists visiting the Italian UNESCO Dolomites – the main reason being to escape the extreme heat which enveloped the rest of the country. Most of these tourists are Italian as this spectacular region is still off the beaten track for the international traveler. So why should one […]

A perfect day in Italy's Dolomites mountains for ages 2 - 72

A perfect day in Italy’s Dolomites mountains for ages 2 – 72

Located in Italy’s northeast corner just a few hours north of Venice, Italy’s Dolomites mountains are known for spectacular scenery and a distinct culture that seems more Swiss or German than Italian. When we work with self-described scenery junkies at Italy Beyond the Obvious, the Dolomites are one of the first places we recommend. In […]

San Giulio Island, Lake Orta

5 stops you mustn’t miss when visiting Lake Orta in Italy

In Northern Italy, west of Lake Maggiore, you will find Lake Orta. Though not the biggest egg in the basket, it is surely one of the most beautiful lakes. It appears as if all the charm and memories of the larger lakes are found in this small sub-Alpine lake. Definitely a place for awe-inspiring moments! […]

5 great reasons to visit Little Venice

5 great reasons to visit Little Venice

The Italian Adriatic coast stretches along 90 kilometers of shoreline which lie on the Adriatic Sea. Mostly made up of very busy seaside towns like Rimini, we will explore the lesser touristy side of this beautiful and historical area of Italy. Little Venice The small town of Comacchio lies 3 kilometers from the coast on […]

Top 5 villas for practising wellness

Top 5 villas for practising wellness

For most people, every day life can be stressful. A holiday should be about relaxing and reconnecting with yourself. Wellness holidays are on the rise, but what better way to unwind than in your own private villa with no one to interrupt you? Sungai Bali’s Villa Sungai is a five star traditional village escape, and […]

Perugia main square

Top 5 ways to experience the true heart of Perugia, Italy

Located in the central Italian region of Umbria, the small city of Perugia remains somewhat under the radar for many international travelers to Italy. We frequently send Italy Beyond the Obvious travelers to Perugia for history and culture, and because its a perfect city to explore on foot. Spend a day or so in Perugia […]

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