Abama Golf & Spa Resort, Tenerife

Hidden away on a little-known corner of Tenerife is a world unlike any other. A place wehre the traditions of Spain and Africa blend together as effortlessly as nature and architecture. A subtropical paradise where tranquillity mingles with five-star indulgence. A world that’s close to home, and yet feels a million miles away.   Take a look at Abama – a luxury golf and spa resort which occupies a clifftop location at Guía de Isora.

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  1. Kendal H says:

    Never heard of this area. Seems quite unknown for a luxury resort.

  2. Not familiar with this place, but will have to look into it for future travels. Thanks!

  3. Jen_Travelbeam says:

    Fantastic hotel in a quiet area on the west coast of Tenerife…absolutely beautiful, has everything you could want from a luxury hotel! Great for couple and families alike.

  4. irene says:

    sounds like they have found somewhere reasonably undiscovered (at least to tourists) in tenerife and have blended 5 star luxury and the local paradise.

  5. Kendal H says:

    That being said, pretty tough time to launch a 5 star in an unknown place.

  6. Abama is not a new place. In fact, it´s been open for a while, and initially didn´t have very good feedback, although it´s now setting down in the market. Quite secluded, luxurious and large spaces, it´s managed by Ritz-Carlton, and the property also offers exclusive villas for a complete getaway.

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