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The Monaco Grand Prix

With beautiful natural features and classic European architecture, Monaco is the perfect setting for the glamour and excitement of Formula One racing.  Style and sophistication, private jets, incredible helicopter transfers, fine dining and seventy eight laps of high speed racing – this is the perfect destination for jet-setting this spring. This prestigious sporting event involves over one hundred and fifty miles of street track racing; it’s considered one of the most demanding in the world and a dangerous place to race.  In fact, if it were not already a Grand Prix circuit, it wouldn’t be allowed to be added to the schedule for health and safety reasons!  The 2011 Monaco Grand Prix is bound to be more dramatic than ever, with Ferrari, Red Bull and McLaren constantly improving in the racing world. The best (and some may say, the only) way to experience the Monaco Grand Prix is by staying at the Fairmont – one of Monaco’s finest hotels!  This 5-star hotel  literally sits on the famous hair-pin bend of the track and is one of Europe’s largest hotels.  With panoramic Mediterranean views from the outstanding restaurant, contemporary interiors and a first-class Spa, the Fairmont Hotel is a spectacular place to stay. It’s also the ideal spot for roof terrace viewing and sipping champagne!  Monaco radiates with style; if you can bring yourself to leave the racetrack or the Fairmont’s fabulous pool area, enjoy a glass of Provencal wine in the harbour – a great spot to people watch.  As night falls, head to the wonderful Casino of Monte Carlo.  The casino opened in 1863 and ever since Monaco has become an established destination famous for gambling and leisure.  The casino is worth a visit for the architecture alone. Monaco is one of the world’s most stunning and exciting destinations – and its Grand Prix a must-see event for any car enthusiast! Naomi Whiteley works for the UK-based boutique tour operator Grand Tourist. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. My boss an F1 fanatic visited the Monanco Gran Prix and said it was a fantastic experience the only downside was that he forgot his sun cream and was a little burnt by the end of the day – ouch!

  2. I bet it would be quite an experience! You’d have to go all out though and live the life of the rich and famous for a few days!

  3. My fiancée loves F1 and this would be on his top list if it was his way, mine not so much

  4. Spent a week in Monaco with my wife and kids and had the time of our life! Wish we could go for the Grand Prix!

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