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Interview with Lynn Crawford, Owner and Head Chef of Ruby Watchco

Celebrity chef Lynn Crawford has over 25 years of culinary experience, winning international awards as the Executive Chef of the Four Seasons Hotel in Toronto and New York City. She is one of the most high-profile chefs in Canada and has been invited to cook, speak, and mentor chefs and food lovers across North America. Lynn opened Ruby Watchco in 2010 to critical acclaim, actualising her philosophy that food should be locally grown, harvested and raised, and cooked to perfection with heart. She has surrounded herself with an incredible team that helps her provide guests with the most fun, memorable, and delicious experience possible. Lynn stars in her two-time Gemini nominated Food Network Canada hit show, Pitchin’ In. The show is one of the highest rated cooking shows in Canada and is shown on the Cooking Channel in the United States and on networks across Asia. Lynn Crawford What is it that you do exactly?
Haha. I think I do a bit of everything! I wake up early, answer emails, make phone calls, head to the restaurant, and do a lot of the same until the dinner service, which is its own song and dance! But when you’re a business owner, you end up having to be ready for anything and everything! I take reservation calls, I plan menus, I talk to farmers, I organize the wine-cellar, I chat with the staff about new cocktails… we have fun here! That schedule gets more complicated when I’m filming or doing outside events! Let’s just say that I’m never bored!
What do you enjoy most about what you do?
I love it all. It’s so much fun, and I’m always learning new things. I love the people the most, all the wonderful people that I meet and get to work with, here at Ruby Watchco and Ruby eats and when I’m on the road or doing events.
What would you say are the 3 best places you’ve ever stayed?
This is a tough one. I’ve been so fortunate to have travelled so much and been hosted by so many wonderful people. I think it’s all about timing – good food, good drink, laughter with friends… and this could happen anywhere.
What’s been your most memorable dining experience to date?
I’m nostalgic! So, first: eating my Dad’s traditional Scottish breakfast on Christmas morning, which included tattie scones, fried eggs, back bacon, baked beans, black pudding, and dark coffee. Second: having breakfast with Julia Child.
Have you rubbed shoulders with the rich and famous, either through your work or your travels?
In my almost 30 years at the Four Seasons Hotels and now at Ruby Watchco, I have cooked for tons of celebrities, highlights include Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres, John Travolta, Julia Child, The Rolling Stones, and Bill Clinton.
What currently ranks highest on your travel wish list?
I have so many trips that I want to take! I love travelling. I would love to get back to Scotland, which is where my parents are from. Then, Thailand, Alaska, through China… like I said, so many trips!
Thank you for taking part in our interview, Lynn.  Perhaps one day you’d also like to get involved with our regular ‘recipe of the week’ series which runs every Friday… If you would like to be interviewed on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

Paul Johnson

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  1. Dear Lynn Crawford:

    We watch you on TV, and enjoy your “pitching in” series, and also your involvement on TOP Chef Canada –
    Master Chef Canada, whatever. Our daughter “Brittney” graduated from Niagara College in June 2013 and has worked at some fine restaurants such as the Skylon, NF, NY and the Prince of Wales in Niagara on the Lake. However, she is not getting
    the chance to test her abilities and love for culinary
    management. My husband, Anthony has 2 Duke of Edinburgh Awards from Prince Philip, and I have been
    writing recipes and book material acknowledged by ERII. Is there any chance you can steer her in the right direction. She’s had her photo taken with Chef Michael Smith of PEI, and Pastry Chef Anna Olson
    (baking at Niagara College, and the Benchmark Restaurant, and we truly need her to fly like a butterfly, but spread her wings to prove her self-worth. My husband looks at you on TV, AND OFTEN SAYS YOU HAVE SUCH KIND EYES.

    Ruby Watchco. might not be the best solution for her because she is living in Thorold (Niagara region) however maybe you can give her advice or us.

    ATomkins42@htm.com or gmail.com 905-928-8664 or
    Brittney at 289-686-7000, any reply from you would be so greatly appreciated. We have enjoyed watching you at fig farms, fish farms, making dishes using asparagus, and other locally and fine sourced foods and vegetables, including blueberries. * you are the best! *

    We even like Chuck Hughes, and Susur Lee !

    Regardless of our English-Irish-Scottish Background, and my husband’s father was in the Royal Engineers, some of our kin in England have suffered as a result of gay orientation. Not so nice. Not pleasant, and
    disappointing. However we respect others for their
    desires, and our daughter needs to “grow” in her role as a Culinary Mgr. It is unfortunate that some pricy restaurants are more interested in advancing the careers of males, and not women. How sad. She is beautiful just like you, and has many talents.

  2. Kindly have someone edit the email posted under Lynn Crawford’s name, to delete telephone numbers. Also, the SKYLON, is in Niagara Falls, Ont. (not New York).

    It is true we love watching Lynn on Chopped Canada,Pitchin In, re-runs of her visits to “Chef School” in Stratford; where Richard Francis attended – recent competitor on Top Chef Canada.

    We have enjoyed the humour and friendly play that Lynn offers to the farm owners she has visited. Kind eyes she has, yes. And, Scotland is beautiful, especially the highlands. A “must do”. As far as our daughter Brittney, she is now apprenticing with another favoured restaurant in the Niagara Wine Country, otherwise known as a “bistro”. Her culinary interests are in her blood, and she worked at Tim Horton’s during her highschool years, and afterwards, before attending Niagara College. I am writing book material, with the intention of having 2 cookbooks published this year. Finally. If someone on the other side of the street didn’t call up Horizon Utilities and tell them to disconnect our hydro, my (our) books would have been published by now. Our insurer at the time, has done nothing about any claims (Amn. owned SF). Then add damage caused by certain members of the HPS, and theft from our premise. Time to change insurance companies.
    Over $30,000 in damages caused by 8DLSS, then much more caused by several others.

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