Recipe of the week: Wild sea bass in a salt crust with grilled market vegetables and foamed lobster sauce

A dish to impress guests at any Winter dinner party, wild sea bass in a salt crust with grilled market vegetables and foamed lobster sauce combines the freshest in-season seafood with ingredients found in most kitchen cupboards. Wild sea bass, available from August to March, is preferable to farmed fish due to its superior flavour and texture.

Wild sea bass


1 slice of sea bass (approx. 2lb)
2 tablespoons olive oil
Maldon sea salt, black pepper, brown raw sugar
2 lb of flour
2 lb sea salt
4 qt water

Seasonal vegetables

7 oz lobster shell
6 oz Noilly Prat
12 oz liquid cream
7 oz roasted vegetables (fennel, onions, carrots, celery, garlic)
Some lime juice
1 tablespoon tomato paste
6 oz olive oil
3.5 oz butter



Gut sea bass, wash and drain, salt from inside. Mix flour, sea salt and water and prepare dough. Roll out dough and wrap sea bass. Preheat oven at 365 F, bake fish for 15 minutes and let it repose for another 20 minutes.


Heat up olive oil in a pot; add the roasted vegetables while stirring, spice with Maldon sea salt and raw sugar. Then add tomato paste and lobster shell, let everything roast for a short time. Fill up with Noilly Prat and reduce to half. Fill up with cream, boil up and then cook at a moderate temperature for 15 minutes. Pass through a fine sieve, put in a mixer and mix with butter and some olive oil. Season to taste with lime juice, Maldon sea salt and Tabasco.


Roast a selection of vegetables slowly in olive oil.

Prepare for table

Prepare dishes with vegetables. Fillet sea bass right at the table and put on prepared dishes, serve with foamy lobster sauce. Enjoy.

Thank you to Christian Lohse, Chef de Cuisine at Fischers Fritz, Berlin, for the recipe.

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  1. Chloe says:

    This sounds like a recipe that requires practice, looks heavenly!

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