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As part of Enterprise Rent-A-Car UK’s #openroadessentials campaign, I’ve decided to share a few road trip essentials that I take on my own travels. This is a really fun project to get involved with so do take a look at the link at the end if you fancy taking part (there’s a great prize to be won!) or even if you just want to explore the travel essentials of others.  Anyway, without further ado, here are mine. Travel essentials You’ll have to forgive me for the quality of the picture. With my camera already in the shot, I didn’t have my best photography equipment to hand! So… “what do we have here?” I hear you ask… and here’s the answer: Tumi Ticon travel wallet A recent addition to my travel essentials but a great luxury product. Made from leather, it’s a good size and even has its own proprietary technology (Tumi ID Lock™) designed to protect personal data encoded on most IDs, credit cards and passports. Passports I know, I know… it’s a rather obvious one, but an important one nonetheless! Whenever I leave the house on a trip, I find myself repeating three words – “passport”, “money” and “tickets”.  So long as you have those three things, you are usually ‘good to go’.  Forget your passports on an overseas trip and you’re heading for disaster before you’ve even left. And there’s added pressure for me because I’m the one that’s responsible for the passports for the whole family whenever we travel! ASUS Zenbook Prime UX31A ultrabook This is a crucial bit of kit for me as a travel blogger, so it comes everywhere. It’s lightweight, pretty quick, slim and has a reasonable battery life.  And what I really like about it is the screen… it’s got a good level of brightness and is usable outside even in sunny conditions which was a key factor for me when choosing. It would be no fun being a travel blogger and being stuck inside all the time! Running gear It would be all too easy to pile on the pounds in this job so, whilst I’m not a great runner, I do enjoy getting out and about and burning a few calories, even when I’m travelling. I’ve completed six marathons to date (3 in England, 2 in the US and 1 in Scotland) and will no doubt be eyeing up a seventh in the not too distant future, so the runing gear must come with me at all times. Orlebar Brown swimming shorts You never know when you might have a swimming pool (or the sea!) at your disposal so his pair of Orlebar Brown swim shorts comes with me everywhere. They are rather conservative when compared with much of their range but I’m happy with that, and in particular with the quality and fit. Giorgio Fedon business card holder Since pretty much all my travels are work-related, I always need some business cards with me and need to keep them from getting ‘dog-eared’. This stylish luxury accessory does just that ad is made from soft Italian nappa leather. It’s modern, beautifully crafted and holds around 20 cards which is more than I need at my disposal on an average day. iPhone and mophie charger Of course, smartphones have become a staple requirement for many nowadays. Whilst my iPhone is long overdue an upgrade, it remains a rather predictable travel essential for me. The battery drains all too fast on it, though, so the mophie charger, which is slim and lightweight and yet can re-charge the device twice over, is a great add-on to carry with it. Canon 50D It’s not the choice of the pros, but not an entry level DSLR either, and despite being superceded now by later models, my Canon 50D is still a trusty piece of kit.  I did nearly leave it in a restaurant in Cape Town, mind, but thankfully remembered just as I was leaving and dashed back inside to find it was still there. Phew!  Sometimes it’s as much of a worry losing the card that’s in the camera as losing the camera itself! Manfrotto tripod Photography is a bit of a hobby of mine but, being so busy, I often feel I don’t really have the time to do it justice. Over the years, though, I’ve learnt how important it is to have a tripod if you want to get the most from your photography in certain scenarios (ie. whenever you want the shutter open for any length of time), so this reliable friend comes with me everywhere. ‘Fat Lump’ Last but by no means least… one of our sons is rather attached to ‘Fat Lump’ as he has become affectionately known . Sporting multi-coloured gloves and a belt around his head (he didn’t come like that originally, I hasten to add!), he’s an extremely soft and cuddly travel companion! So, now that you know mine… we’d like to hear what your travel essentials are when you’re on the open road! You can win an amazing road trip for two by simply submitting one of your road trip essentials using the #openroadessentials hashtage. For more information, see the competition page.

Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson is Editor of A Luxury Travel Blog and has worked in the travel industry for more than 30 years. He is Winner of the Innovations in Travel ‘Best Travel Influencer’ Award from WIRED magazine. In addition to other awards, the blog has also been voted “one of the world’s best travel blogs” and “best for luxury” by The Daily Telegraph.

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  1. It’s fun to see what people consider essential Paul. My kit has the addition of duct tape, a few energy bars and if I’m checking luggage, my swiss army knife. I’m curious-do you bring “fat-Lump” even if your son isn’t with you? : )

  2. That’s a fun competition – I really like the concept. I need to think about it, but I reckon I am pretty normal except I MUST have my aloe vera moisturiser with me, that comes from Lanzarote. If I don’t, life just won’t be the same!!

  3. I’d add a note book and pen plus if I’m flying my iPad to watch films on the plane. I also always pop a swimsuit and spare undies in my hand luggage, just in case my hold luggage gets lost!

  4. Sunscreen Passport Maxidress Passport shorts bathing suit sneakers sandals and tons of money my husband dressy outfit hatb

  5. I’ve been on the road for a while and there are a few things that I would not want to miss:
    – my Bose noise-cancelling headphones
    – sleeping mask
    – rehydration salts
    – a head-lamp
    – the gopro

  6. I am sure that we all have very different ‘essential’ items that we take with us on our travels. For me, it’s pretty much all tech related. If I have my laptop, camera, iPad and iPhone I am fine! It’s probably kind of sad that we are now in an era where we all need to be connected but the reality is in my opinion it just enhances your overall experience. If you go somewhere where signal is low or non-existent, well it’s back to the proverbial drawing board :)

  7. I could kill if I don’t have my lip balm with me. All else is not that important, but I like travelling with my camera and accessories (batteries, cards and so on) and a pair of clean knickers. Oh, and my passport – whose chip I’ve just managed to break, apparently, as the airport e-readers won’t recognise it :(

  8. Waaw i cant think of a road trip with out my dog

    I fancy carrying along

    1) a dog bag that contains a bowl, mug, plate for the doggie to eat food
    2) couple of books
    3) camera
    4) contacts of the people living in the place where I am going to
    5) easy & a comfortable pair of footwear

  9. Travel essentials for me include my
    •iphone (alone it provides me a map to navigate, apps for resturaunts and activities & communication)
    •comfortable tennis shoes
    •a backpack


  10. 1, Passport
    2, Wallet
    3, iphone & charger
    4, Driving Licence
    5, Patience

    That’s it, the bare global travel essentials!

  11. For me – it would probably consist of:
    1- selection of good music
    2-snacks and drinks
    3-ipad for my 6 hr old with headphones
    4-coloring and activity books for my daughter along with crayons/colors etc
    6-phone and charger of course

  12. #openroadessentials 1. passport 2. Wallet and bank card 3. iphone and various chargers (camera, gps and communication) 4. sunglasses, 5.facial moisturiser, 6. baby wipes, 7. snack food and fluids – plus if its UK based mustn’t forget 8. the magic AA card just in case

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