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Are you a travel blogger looking to work with new clients? You know, the sort who actually pay you rather than just bombard you with press releases that they seemingly expect you to put on your site for free… I’m increasingly being asked by paying clients to recommend other travel bloggers to work with, and have decided the easiest thing to do would be to create a database so that I have this information more readily at my disposal.  Sometimes they’ll be looking for travel bloggers who cater for a specific niche or perhaps bloggers who have a strong presence on a particular social network. And sometimes they’ll even be looking for bloggers with a great Alexa score (I know, I know…). Anyway… to make the whole process of referring the right clients to the right bloggers, I’ve decided to create a comprehensive database of travel bloggers. If you’re a travel blogger looking to work with paying clients (I acknowledge this won’t be all of you, but would imagine it might be most!), then please submit your details via this link if you wish to be included in the database. The whole process should only take about 5-10 minutes. To clarify, this is a database of travel bloggers looking for paid assignments. It isn’t a list that’s exclusive to luxury travel bloggers or necessarily even the biggest blogs. Whatever the nature of your travel blog, you are welcome to submit your site for inclusion. Blogger You do not have to complete all fields in the form but doing so will maximise your chance of us being able to match you with a client.  For instance, if a client wants to work with bloggers in the US or Canada, you might only be in the running if you have completed the fields stating your geographic whereabouts. Similarly, if the client wants to work with people who have a certain number of followers on a specific social network, then again it is likely that you will only be in the running if you have completed the relevant field. When you bear in mind that some clients might want to work with you only if you have, say, a Google PageRank of at least 4 (I know, PageRank isn’t important nowadays either…) and at least 20,000 followers across your various social network channels, then you can hopefully start to see the merit in completing as many of these fields as you can.  If you have already completed this form previously but want to update your details/figures, then you can just complete the form again and we’ll see to it that the new data overwrites the old. Please rest assured that, to protect your privacy, I will never give out your contact details to the people enquiring without your permission first. Instead, if I have a client who is interested in working with you, I’ll contact you myself and ask anyone who is interested to get back to me, before forwarding any information on. This contact might be made on an individual basis (if, for instance, I just need to speak to a few bloggers) or could be to the entire database if it is something of wider interest. If you are someone who is looking to work with travel bloggers – and by that I mean someone who recognises the true value of travel blogging, rather than someone who just wants to place a spammy link for $50 – then please contact us here with details of what you are looking for. Thank you! Image: Shutterstock UPDATE (17 Sep 2014): Thank you to the many travel bloggers who have got involved with this project. I’m delighted to announce that, after just one week, the database already holds details for over 1,000 travel bloggers. Also in this first week, we have already managed to place some paid work with a very small number of the many who have submitted their details. A great start, so a very big ‘thank you’ to you all!

Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson is Editor of A Luxury Travel Blog and has worked in the travel industry for more than 30 years. He is Winner of the Innovations in Travel ‘Best Travel Influencer’ Award from WIRED magazine. In addition to other awards, the blog has also been voted “one of the world’s best travel blogs” and “best for luxury” by The Daily Telegraph.

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  1. Thanks, Lash… I can confirm we have your details on the system.

    In fact, we’ve had a great initial response with more than 200 travel bloggers signing up in the first few hours, so this should prove to be a really useful resource for allowing us to connect our clients with the travel bloggers they’re looking for.

  2. Thanks for the opportunity Paul. I’ve now registered.

    Please note my comments with regard to page rank in my application. Hopefully it will return to normal soon.

  3. Thank you. To be frank, I would be advising clients to pay no attention to the likes of Google PR and Alexa as the are relatively meaningless metrics. Unfortunately that doesn’t always stop some wanting to base their selection on those criteria, though. ;-)

  4. This is an amazing opportunity for travel bloggers. Thanks Paul! I submitted my blog to the database. I’ve only been blogging as a hobby in the past – literally just doing what I love (travel, eat, and write). My attention has never been much towards all the technical aspects, and Lord knows there are so many details involved. New ways to improve, promote, operate your blog keep surfacing and it’s hard to keep up. Anyways, hope something good comes out of this :)

  5. Thanks, Nita… I’m already getting a number of approaches from various travel companies who have seen this post, asking about being connected with bloggers so hopefully some good can come from it. When you consider I only published it 24 hours ago, the early indications are certainly hopeful!

  6. Sankara and Margalt… you’re welcome. :)

    Nelson… we welcome travel bloggers regardless of nationality or what language their blog is written in. In fact, as you will have seen, one of the questions we ask is the primary language of the blog.

    If a client comes to us asking to be on Spanish-speaking blogs, then we’ll be able to readily pull up all the relevant sites, including your own. We have quite a few already that would fit that bill.

  7. Thanks for doing this. I’m a long-time feature writer, first time travel blogger who’s astounded at how much fun this is! And other writers seem so supportive; it *feels* like a real community.

  8. You’re welcome, Jo… by making it open to all, hopefully it will be really comprehensive, helping clients to home in on precisely what they want, whether that be the most prolific bloggers or those smaller bloggers that perfectly match their particular niche.

  9. Thanks Paul, this is a great opportunity and I definitely appreciate it, after all you gave me a great start in this whole game of which I will always been indebted. Filling out the form was awful when I saw how appalling some of my stats are. Some ok, and others abysmal. It has been and will remain a steep learning curve, yet one i love.

  10. Hi Marc

    This is open to any travel bloggers, whether they’ve been blogging for 10 years, or 10 days. Obviously the smaller blogs might find it harder to get a look-in with paying clients at first because paying clients are likely to be looking for established blogs, but come back and complete the form again in 6 months or a year’s time, when your traffic and social media numbers have hopefully grown, and we can update the information we have for you.

  11. I wish you (and us) much success in this venture. Thank you, Paul, for setting it up. I also am transiting from hobby to hopeful pro status, and hope my numbers improve to warrant further contact.

  12. Cool, I hope clients are looking at bloggers based out of Asia, India etc, the markets of future. Travel Blogging is still in a nascent stage here but we do have some excellent travel blogs regularly updated.

  13. Congratulations on this initiative Paul, and sincere thanks for the time and effort that will go into maintaining this database. If you are wanting any assistance with this initiative (I’m sure you have everything covered, but just in case) please let me know – it’s a superb idea and I’d be happy to help.

  14. Thanks so much for this opportunity Paul. It’s great to have other travel bloggers looking out for us. Yes, stats are very low currently, but after a re-brand I am hoping this’ll change and yes, take my blogging to the next level.
    Great to have a supportive community. :0)

  15. I love to travel and write stories about them. My native language – Russian, Ukrainian. I hope for a good and valuable cooperation.I’ll be to new acquaintances and cooperation..

  16. What a great idea! Thank you for doing this. I just took the time to fill out the form. No idea if there’s any interest in Dutch blogs, but if there is… there’s (at least) one in your database now :-)
    Have a great weekend,

  17. are travel bloggers supposed to disclose the fact that their trip was paid for by sponsoring businesses and be open with their readers? is transparency part of the database service?

    1. Ethically, travel bloggers should disclose the fact that their trip or activity was paid for by a sponsoring business. Readers have a right to know that the travel blogger’s opinion may have become biased in favour of the activity or location they are promoting.

    2. I can only speak for A Luxury Travel Blog but this is indeed what we do – we also declare when a post is sponsored. We would urge other travel bloggers to do the same, but ultimately can’t be respnosible for the conduct of third parties.

  18. Yes, for the sake of transparency travel bloggers are supposed to declare paid trips. This is not something I shall get involved with, though… it will be between the blogger and client as to whether they do or don’t go down this path. My recommendation, though, would be that they do.

  19. Thank you for the opportunity, Paul. I can understand if you have more experienced / well known bloggers who would be given any preference, but would greatly appreciate any and all feedback / assistance / promotion you may pass my way. Have a super week!

  20. No problem, Sandra… it’s really down to which blogs (or kinds of blogs) that the clients wish to work with. That needn’t necessarily be those that get the most traffic – it could be down to other factors such as specific niches, blogs in particular languages, blogs that have a particular geographical focus, cost or popularity on specific social networks. There are lots of different factors to consider, all of which the database covers. This is why I stress that’s important to complete as many fields as possible.

  21. Hi Paul,

    My niche is quite narrow, “Driving Holidays in France” and my blog is very new.

    I seriously doubt it’s up to standard you’d expect in it’s present state so I have decided not to apply to join your Travel bloggers database at this time.

    I have written for other websites on the subject for several years and I’m confident the blog will improve greatly over the next 12 months therefore I’ve decided to wait.

    Assuming this will be an ongoing thing I will return when my blog is up to an acceptable level.

  22. Hi David… being specific to a narrow niche can work to your favour with the right client, so I wouldn’t worry too much about that.

    This is an ongoing project but you can still submit now and then submit again in 12 months if you want. If a blogger submits the same blog more than once, we’ll just use the new information and overwrite the old details that we hold for them. But if you prefer to wait, that is fine also. Hope this helps,


  23. Thank you, Paul..! This is a great opportunity to connect bloggers with clients. Although my follower numbers are not hitting the sky (yet), I’m going to sign up now just to be in your database ;) Thanks for the opportunity!

  24. Hi Paul
    Thank you for this opportunity and for setting up this database.
    I am relatively new to this world having only recently switched my blog to a website, but I have so many ideas and I am so enthusiastic I hope that it will work out.
    This really brought home to me how much more I have to learn and how I really do need to generate more traffic (working hard on this one) and raise my profile

  25. Thank you to the many travel bloggers who have got involved with this project. I’m delighted to announce that, after just one week, the database already holds details for over 1,000 travel bloggers.

    Also in this first week, we have already managed to place some paid work with a very small number of the many who have submitted their details.

    A great start, so a very big ‘thank you’ to you all!

  26. Thanks for the initiative! Although still I consider my travel blog as a humild and very personal one, I will enter the details in the form you provided, thanks very much!

  27. Hi Paul,
    Thank you for this wonderful opportuiny. Very encouraging. Even though I have just started out but this has propelled me to put up my posts.

  28. I just signed up but it took me longer than it apparently takes other people! I thought A Luxury Travel Blog requires bloggers to pay them to appear there so this looks like a good way to help bloggers get paid gigs.

  29. Hello Kay, people wanting to advertise on A Luxury Travel Blog pay to do so, yes… but this is a quite separate project and there are no fees to submit your details to be included in the database.

  30. I would like to submit my travel blog which i have been running for about a year now.
    It has a mixture of posts about Scotland and European destinations I’ve been too.
    Most of the photography is my own.

  31. Great idea! I just went ahead and submitted my blog. It’s primary focus is optimizing your travel experience through wine, with special attention to Spanish culture and wine. Thanks so much Paul!

  32. I signed up already :) I think it’s a great idea and hopefully will help many travel bloggers to get in touch with valuable companies. I’ll keep on writing and building content ;)

  33. This is really great.. what am awesome idea! As I was trying to sign up for the database, I realized that I don’t know some important info about my blog that I probably should know! (Like my top 3 demographics, and my Google PageRank, etc.) I’m going to take some time to figure things out, and I’ll be back!

  34. Waiting until my blog grows, I am sure to have found my niche, … But seems like a brilliant idea for people who are looking for paid assignments.

  35. This is a great idea! It definitely should save you time in the future, and it gives us little guys a better chance to work with some of your clients.

  36. Good idea – I’ve added my details. But it’s a pity that some people are so fixated on Page Rank – as they are no longer updating I will presumably be stuck at PR0 for ever!

  37. If it’s any help, we would always advise someone to pay no attention to Google PR or indeed to the likes of Alexa which can be easily manipulated. Of course, some people will always ‘know best’ but there’s unfortunately not much we can do about that beyond trying to educate…

  38. Wow, sounds like a great project! Thanks for doing this and helping out us other travel bloggers! I’ve submitted my details and hope to hear from you soon. :)

  39. Very cool however for new people with no page rank yet I feel a little intimidated to sign up – as I fear my numbers are not really there. My site (self hosted is only up for just going on 3 months) I have only 8000 hits – and no rank. So I am hoping to sign up at a later date. :)

  40. Awesome! Sounds like a really useful resource. We’ll definitely be signing up! Can’t wait to see if it will bring in any potential new clients. Thanks!

  41. Thanks for this! I’m looking forward to see if this gets any response. Our niche, overlanding, is so small and untapped by big business that I don’t hold much hope, despite the fact that most travelers embarking on a trip like ours probably spend in excess of $100k including initial set-up.

  42. thanks for the opportunity Paul. Looking forward to sharing my expertise that could lead me to some interesting travellers coming my way!

  43. What a wonderful opportunity. Thank you so much. I just started my blog last summer. I am grateful for the chance to share my experiences in Italy and focus on the impact travel has on my young son.

  44. so sweet of you, this gives such a great exposure for an amateur travel writer like me, I want to help the first time tourists who travelling Bangalore, Karnataka or south India for the 1st time, by providing information and guidance about unexplored places, on how to enjoy their road trips, ( i can be guide too – i want to quit my conventional job ).. give tips to have a pleasant & safe trip, I also i seek assistance from the expert and experienced bloggers to help me to become a travel writers I seek their help, cheers
    thank you very much, this is a great help for amateur travel writers like me
    (can anyone help me on how to use wordpress !!)

  45. Thanks Paul, I’ve joined the database. It’s great to be connected with you and all these other travel enthusiasts.
    Have a good weekend and greetings from Cape Town.

  46. Discovered this post just now.
    Added myself of the list. Thanks for the opportunity.
    All the travel blogs listed are good in their own ways.

  47. Hey Paul Johnson, I’m looking to hire travel bloggers. is there a way to access your data base? Thank you.]

  48. Thanks for this opportunity. It’s so encouraging that there are opportunities like this for what ever level of blogger. I have no idea if I will be successful with this but if you don’t try you will never know.

  49. Hi Paul

    Thank you for the opportunity to register on your database. I specialize in luxury travel in South Africa and although my personal blog is still growing, I write for some of South Africa’s biggest websites.

    Kind regards
    Sara Essop

  50. Hello from NYC and thank you for letting me know about this database. I am new to blogging and would love to make it a bigger part of my life. Thanks for the opportunity.


  51. I just submitted my info to the database. Midwest Guest concentrates on writing about travel, history and culture in the Midwestern United States. Thanks for the opportunity to register with your database.

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