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Are you a travel blogger looking to work with new clients? You know, the sort who actually pay you rather than just bombard you with press releases that they seemingly expect you to put on your site for free…

I’m increasingly being asked by paying clients to recommend other travel bloggers to work with, and have decided the easiest thing to do would be to create a database so that I have this information more readily at my disposal.  Sometimes they’ll be looking for travel bloggers who cater for a specific niche or perhaps bloggers who have a strong presence on a particular social network. And sometimes they’ll even be looking for bloggers with a great Alexa score (I know, I know…). Anyway… to make the whole process of referring the right clients to the right bloggers, I’ve decided to create a comprehensive database of travel bloggers.

If you’re a travel blogger looking to work with paying clients (I acknowledge this won’t be all of you, but would imagine it might be most!), then please submit your details via this link if you wish to be included in the database. The whole process should only take about 5-10 minutes.

To clarify, this is a database of travel bloggers looking for paid assignments. It isn’t a list that’s exclusive to luxury travel bloggers or necessarily even the biggest blogs. Whatever the nature of your travel blog, you are welcome to submit your site for inclusion.


You do not have to complete all fields in the form but doing so will maximise your chance of us being able to match you with a client.  For instance, if a client wants to work with bloggers in the US or Canada, you might only be in the running if you have completed the fields stating your geographic whereabouts. Similarly, if the client wants to work with people who have a certain number of followers on a specific social network, then again it is likely that you will only be in the running if you have completed the relevant field. When you bear in mind that some clients might want to work with you only if you have, say, a Google PageRank of at least 4 (I know, PageRank isn’t important nowadays either…) and at least 20,000 followers across your various social network channels, then you can hopefully start to see the merit in completing as many of these fields as you can.  If you have already completed this form previously but want to update your details/figures, then you can just complete the form again and we’ll see to it that the new data overwrites the old.

Please rest assured that, to protect your privacy, I will never give out your contact details to the people enquiring without your permission first. Instead, if I have a client who is interested in working with you, I’ll contact you myself and ask anyone who is interested to get back to me, before forwarding any information on. This contact might be made on an individual basis (if, for instance, I just need to speak to a few bloggers) or could be to the entire database if it is something of wider interest.

If you are someone who is looking to work with travel bloggers – and by that I mean someone who recognises the true value of travel blogging, rather than someone who just wants to place a spammy link for $50 – then please contact us here with details of what you are looking for. Thank you!

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UPDATE (17 Sep 2014): Thank you to the many travel bloggers who have got involved with this project. I’m delighted to announce that, after just one week, the database already holds details for over 1,000 travel bloggers.

Also in this first week, we have already managed to place some paid work with a very small number of the many who have submitted their details.

A great start, so a very big ‘thank you’ to you all!

Comments (133)

  1. Travis says:

    Great opportunity. I just signed up. In need of a Caribbean writer? PM me for info.

  2. matt says:

    Hi Paul
    you had a great idea! I just filled the form…
    our site is all about travelling in Nicaragua and Central America

  3. Mindi says:

    I just submitted my information for the database. It’s a great idea. Thanks for the opportunity to be included!

  4. Denis Gagnon says:

    Just submitted our info, hopefully successfully to your database using the google docs form. Thanks for including us.

  5. Great idea. I will surely apply this. Just going to fill that form. Thanks for your valuable suggestion.

  6. jia singh says:


    I just submitted my information for the database. It’s a great idea. Thanks for the opportunity to be included!

    I am being unable to register.
    How do I register?

  7. Paul Johnson says:

    What do you mean by “how do I register?”, Jia? What is it you are trying to register on?

  8. If we submit to the database now, will we be able to update our information later, or am I better off waiting until my site is more established? Thanks!

  9. Paul Johnson says:

    You can update at any time by just re-submitting your details, and it will overwrite the earlier submission

  10. Dale Reardon says:


    Really great facility and service to the community. Only found out about by following you on Twitter so thanks for reminding us all.


  11. Janice Chung says:

    Paul, thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity. I just submitted my information to the database!

  12. Nisha Jha says:

    Thanks for the opportunity, Paul. I discovered it now and filling the form right away. Does being late mean I lost some opportunities? ;)

    Thanks for taking your time to create this database. Much appreciated.

  13. Carla says:

    Thanx a lot Paul !
    we very appreciate you spent time to create this database !
    I will submit my information this weekend

  14. Laura Thayer says:

    Thanks so much for creating this list! I’ve added details for my website Ciao Amalfi. I love sharing about the Amalfi Coast, and I look forward to hearing from you if there are any opportunities. Grazie!

  15. Cvetan says:

    I just submitted my information for the database. It’s a great idea. Thanks for the opportunity to be included!

  16. Paul Johnson says:

    Thank you for the continued submissions, everyone. We’ve used the database for a handful of select bloggers on a major campaign recently, and the agency is so pleased with what’s been achieved that it sounds like it could lead on to more work with the same client, as well as a number of additional projects with others clients. Stay tuned (and if you’re reading this and still haven’t submitted your details, please do!).

  17. Julie says:

    Thanks Paul for inviting us to join the database! Hope we can collaborate soon
    Cheers from Paris,
    Julie + Renaud

  18. I just submitted my details (not sure if you are still updating the database). Thank you for creating this great opportunity for us travel bloggers. Hopefully, we can work on a campaign together. :)

  19. Paul Johnson says:

    Yes, we are definitely still updating it, Katharina. Only last month we did quite a major campaign with 6 bloggers from the database. We are also working on something else with it all (can’t disclose yet) so it’s definitely still worth submitting if you haven’t already. :)

  20. Jenny says:

    Just submitted our info to the database. Thanks for the opportunity!

    We are relatively new bloggers, but travel a bunch! My husband is an airline employee, so we have built this site to highlight our standby/nonrev trips including Hawaii, Cayman, Maldives, and much more to come!

  21. Thanks so much for creating this database. Greatly appreciate the support you provide to travel bloggers.

  22. Thank you for the opportunity.Yes such a great idea for bloggers.

  23. Tom Williams says:

    I don’t know if this list is still active, but I’ve submitted our info. Thanks Paul :-)

    • Paul Johnson says:

      Yes, it is still active! The way we gather the everyone’s information needs a bit of an overhaul (there are some bits that are more/less relevant than when we started it back in 2014) but we still actively use the database.

      Thanks for submitting,


  24. ann mathews says:

    Thank you for the opportunity.I hope my blog will be an added resource.

  25. I just submitted my details (not sure if you are still updating the database). Thank you for creating this great opportunity for us travel bloggers. Hopefully, we can work on a campaign together. :)

  26. Thank you for the great initiative! I have just filled in the form. I hope that the database is still active. Take care and all the best :)

  27. This is such a great idea! Thank you for having it and thank you for building the whole thing. :)

  28. Hannah Gale says:

    This is one of the best initiates to take for the who have talent but they don’t have any platform. Thank you so much it also helps me to make or write something.

  29. Gurjot Singh says:

    A lovely initiative! Would love to be a part of this global traveller database!

  30. Hemi says:

    Hi Paul, Hello from Sri Lanka. This is a wonderful opportunity to contact you. I am Hemi from Magnifcent Sri Lanka travel blog. Could you pls kindly add it to the blog list. Thanks a lot in advence.

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