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The other ‘miracle’ of the Japanese bullet train

Trains running along Japan’s network of high-speed railway lines known as the Shinkansen are widely referred to as bullet trains thanks to their incredible speeds of up to 150-200 miles per hour. But 200 mph is only their maximum operating speed – test runs of an even more amazing 375 mph have been recorded for the maglev trains. Japanese bullet train But this isn’t the only ‘miracle’ in Japan. As well as tranforming the train into an engineering marvel, the Japanese are also amazingly efficient at transforming the interiors of the trains between stops. Make sure you watch the video for an amazing example of diligence and respect for work – whatever work it may be. Notice even how the Japanese train cleaners bow to the train in respect – I’m sure this is something we can all learn from!
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Paul Johnson

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  1. I witness this first hand when travelling from Tokyo to Osaka earlier this year! It was fascinating to watch the cleaners going in each car and then turning the chairs facing whichever direction the train is going. Obviously, travelling firat class made the experience even more enjoyable!

  2. Another great thing about these trains are the Ekiben at each new stop. It’s a little snack box highlighting some of the local cuisine specialty. Fantastic value and another reason Japan has me wanting a return trip. A beautiful country with extremely polite and hospitable people.

  3. This was a great video showing the pride and efficiency of the Japanese. Having traveled on a bullet train in Japan, I also noticed that they are efficient with time. The train maintains a schedule which is accurate to the minute. You could set your watch by it.

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