Photograph of the week: An incredible dive site in Tulum, Mexico

A cenote is a pit or sinkhole resulting from the collapse of the limestone bedrock to expose the groundwater below. The Mayans believed the cenotes to be sacred entrances to the underworld. They provide access to the underwater caves and caverns that are the main diving attraction in the Yucatan Penisula, Mexico. One of the most famous is Cenote El Pit which is located deep in the jungles near Tulum and offers crystal clear water, a hydrogen sulfide layer (aka ‘the cloud’), and it’s own ‘island’ debris mound. In the summer the light beams streaming through the entrance are simply breathtaking.

The Pit, Tulum, Mexico

Thank you to Tom St George of for permission to reproduce the image.

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Comments (3)

  1. Tom says:

    Amazing picture! Cave diving is one out of many activities you can realize in Quintana Roo state alongside with zipeling, canoeing, hiking and observing different species in their natural habitat.

  2. Randy Bonds says:

    Cenotes are the most unique aspect of the Yucatan Peninsula in my opinion. All are connected underground and provide visitors amazing exploration opportunities with diving, snorkeling or swimming. Great photo!

  3. Amanda Madders says:

    Mother Nature really can produce some incredible sights. You do get a darkly mysterious, almost magical vibe from it, maybe the Mayans were right with thinking cenotes were doorways to the underworld. Just as well they perhaps didn’t know what we know now because when you learn the science behind how this phenomena happens with the sulphide it’s pretty hard to buy in to theories and such like that. Still, pretty awesome, and it’s an amazing photograph, just the right angle to capture the expanse as the light shines through.

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