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Top 5 health and fitness holidays for 2017

So many of us start off our year determined to achieve our weight loss goals. If you want to get in shape, it’s much easier to focus on that on holiday that it is at home whilst trying to juggle your hectic life. Still, you’re on holiday, you want to do more than burpees and drink juice, right? You want a destination that satisfies both your body and your travel goals. If you’re thinking of booking a fitness holiday in 2017, I’ve put together what I think are the best five for you to take a look at. 1. The Body Holiday, St. Lucia Spend your mornings doing yoga on secluded sandy beaches and your afternoons testing how high you can get your maximum heart rate at sea. At the Body Holiday, there’s an activity for every kind of active traveller. stlucia Intensity: This holiday is as intense as you make it. If you’re an early riser you can head to the 7am beach workout then straight onto one of the other activities offered. Or you could just as easily spend a lot of hours sunbathing and eating instead of burning calories. You also get a spa session every day so relaxation levels are at an all time high. Packing essentials: More than one swimsuit as it takes quite a while for things to dry in rainy season, gym kit and a good collection of evening wear – you’re expected to dress up a little for dinner. Things to do: You might just want to set up camp on the white sands and soak up some well needed vitamin D, or maybe you want to take in St Lucia’s beautiful scenery on a tram tour? Or perhaps you just want to go let your hair down at an inflatable water park floating upon the Caribbean Sea. For a secluded Island, St Lucia has an endless list of activities. 2. 5 Star Tennis, Dubai You can enjoy the luxurious beach resorts that Dubai has to offer whilst enhancing your tennis game. This holiday is ideal for families, singles, groups & couples looking to enjoy an activity holiday. The holidays are tailor made for you so you can set the pace in terms of how active you want to be, but tennis is a great way to lose weight because it’s so much fun, you barely notice you’re burning calories. tennisdubai Intensity: As intense as you want it to be. Packing essentials: Suitable wear for the courts and your own racket if you prefer it. Things to do: Dubai is dubbed as the city that never sleeps. You’ll never be short of something to do. You might be surprised to learn you can even go skiing there! There’s also an amazing water park as well as opportunities for swimming, hiking and kayaking – not to mention the stunning beaches for a bit of relaxation. 3. Le Grand Bellevue’s, Gstaad, Swiss Alps Stay up in the Swiss mountains on this energy balancing yoga and wellness retreat. They aim to help you ditch the stress and channel a healthy energy and focus. From alpine herbal ice tea, to healthy meals as well as yoga sessions and hikes every day, you should return home feeling cleansed of any negative energy. swissalps Intensity: Classes to suit all. Packing essentials: Yoga pants, hiking boots and a jacket. Things to do: If all the energy balancing yoga is getting too much and you’re in need of an adrenaline rush, then you cannot beat paragliding off Gstaad’s magical mountains. 4. Pop Up Fitness, South of France Described as the ‘bohemian sophistication & Belle-epoque elegance’, Pop-up- fitness in the South of France is the retreat that has a constant flow of healthy eating, workouts and a team to support you every step of the way – without the stressy personal trainer constantly going on in your ear. Not only will you have the experience of staying in one of the world’s most beautiful villa’s, you’ll have the opportunity to let your hair down, improve your fitness and learn more about the importance of ‘balance’ when it comes to health. southoffrance Intensity: Classes to suit all Packing essentials: Comfy hiking kicks, plenty of hair bands, sun cream and cool athleisure. Things to do: Take a walk in the unspoilt country-side and have a tipple at Toulouse’s Place du Capitole. If you’ve never tried paddle boarding before – don’t dodge it. Be spontaneous and try it. There is a 95% chance you’ll completely love it. 5. The Fit-Setter by Barcelo, Cadiz Based at the Barceló Sancti Petri Spa Resort, the Fit-Setter retreat is designed to power up your heart rate, burn fat and re-set healthy eating and sleep habits. Or in simplified terms, it’s a dive-straight-in lifestyle change. There’s paddle boarding, body pump classes, aqua aerobics, body balance, yoga, Qigong and rooftop spin classes on offer. There’s something for whichever mood you are in – except the ‘I don’t want to do anything’ one. cadiz Intensity: Classes to suit all. Essentials to pack: Light active wear, swim suit, spin shoes and a camera is a must! Things to do: Make sure you get to bed early as you don’t want to miss the sunrise spin class. If you fancy some chill time, try the luscious Playa Victoria beach. Or, if you crave unusual entertainment then the Andalusian Horses Dance Show is a must see.

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  1. Thanks for this invigorating post. I have gotten into a healthy mode after a poor start to the year but trips like these are a really good idea for inspiration!

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