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Experience South Norway by luxury superyacht

Stretching 25,000km, Norway’s rugged coastline is broken by huge fjords ad thousands of islands that are perfect to explore by yacht. Allowing you to cruise between stunning fjords and unforgettable landscapes, you can spend your holiday exploring new places before heading back to stay in complete luxury onboard your own private yacht. You also have the option of enjoying meals prepared by your won onboard private chef or dining ashore, depending on your requirements. Norway’s relatively mild climate in the summer, and Arctic temperatures in the winter, provide two completely different types of experience and the perfect opportunity to experience a diverse range of outdoor activities. Norway’s sea temperature can range between 25 degrees to freezing depending on the time of year you visit, offering two completely unique holiday experiences. Here are five recommendations of air and water-based outdoor activities to experience whilst enjoying a yacht charter in Norway: Paragliding Renowned for its thermals, paragliding in Norway allows you to fly for long periods of time, launching from a mountaintop and soaring through the fjords where your yacht will be anchored. Allowing you to see Norway from a completely unique perspective, this is an experience not to be missed. Juving Embark from your yacht and experience the thrill of juving, which is also known as canyoning. Taking place within canyons or gorges over portions of river where the water flows quietly, you will glide down natural waterslides and deep gorges, allowing you to fully emerge yourself in your surroundings. Diving Take advantage of Norway’s subaquatic beauty and enjoy everything from wreck dives to vertical drop offs. One of Norway’s most famous wreck dives is Frakenwald, a shipwreck that is still in very good condition despite 70 years at the bottom of the sea. Kayaking Another fantastic experience, kayaking allows you to experience Norway’s glacially carved fjords and charming villages in a relaxed setting. Kayaking is perfect for those looking for an alternative perspective of the landscape and is highly recommended to full immerse yourself in this picturesque landscape where white and wooden houses interrupt the steep shoreline. Helicopter tours Experience the stunning landscape by air on a private helicopter sightseeing tour. Here you will see small fishing villages, ice-capped mountains and some of the best waterfalls imaginable from an aerial view. Geoff Moore is Managing Director at West Nautical. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. I’m keen to explore the Norwegian coast and had not really considered south Norway. Are the fjords of the west not a better option?

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