5 Greek churches to say "I do"

Marriage is one of the most sacred ceremonies between two people who are willing to take upon the challenge to build their lives together and to care for one another in sickness and in health. Why not commemorate this union in a Greek church on a beautiful island, as it is well known that the churches are located on the most exquisite locations with the most incredible views.

We have gathered a selection of 5 amazing islands with Greek churches that you will want to say “I do” in.

Church of Panaghia, Folegandros

Folegandros is a small island located at the center of the Southwestern Cyclades next to Santorini. Its deep blue waters are in complete harmony with its landscapes of wild beauty; its lacey shores that dance along with the Mediterranean breeze show the way to the islands’ pristine beaches…images that every visitor will hold in their heart forever! The locals of the island are proud of their church, and couples choose it for their weddings in part to give their guests a chance to marvel at the icons of its incredible iconostasis.

Chrysopigi Church, Sifnos

The moment you arrive on the island, the magic of the place lightly and gently settles over you. It does not take long to decipher this unbelievable feeling – its graceful beauty engulfs you in the first moments. A famous landmark on the island of Sifnos, and known as the protector of the island, this church is extremely popular for wedding ceremonies. It is located in the area of Platis Gialos, on the south side of the island, situated on a rocky cape that is only connected to the mainland by a small bridge.

Panagia Makrini, Samos

Samos is a place of overwhelming vegetation. Everything around the virgin landscape is made of color and light. Each step one takes is a revelation. Only 4×2 meters, squeezed into a cave with a 15-meter high ceiling, the Panaghia Makrini Chapel might be the oldest in the country, dating all the way back to the 8th century.

Ipapanti Church, Corfu

Unesco has declared the island’s historic center a world heritage site. The stately buildings with neoclassical influences will dazzle you. However, the small Ipapanti Church is located on a small headland that is connected to the shore of Kommeni in Corfu by a narrow pathway. From a distance, the church looks as though it’s floating on the water, and the walk up to the church can be decorated in many inventive ways.

Panaghia Thalassini, Andros

Authentic and peaceful, protected from mass tourism, the second largest island in the Cyclades is also the most fertile and greenest thanks to its many springs and streams.On the coast of the beautiful main village of Andros, you’ll find the amazing little chapel of Panaghia Thalassini. The location is perfect, combining a beautiful romantic setting with all the comforts that come with a large island with organized tourism.

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Comments (8)

  1. Zoe says:

    Many a girl would be very happy to say “I do” at any of these destinations. From the look of the pictures you wouldn’t have to worry too much about the weather.

    My only worry is would a bride in traditional all-white stand out against the white stonework? One for the wedding planners to consider.

  2. Lorraine Berry says:

    Is someone looking for locations for weddings for “Mama Mia here we go again, again“? Or Mama Mia 3 if you prefer. Yes, I know there isn’t an obvious plot at the moment, no obvious weddings on the horizon, but that never stopped a successful franchise from rolling.

    These churches are so beautiful that it’s almost worth writing a screen play just to make use of them all.

  3. Sue says:

    I’m thinking that tiny church at Panaghia Thalassini is the ultimate venue for a small get away from it all wedding. I’d like to know how many the church seats?

    Imagine the backdrop for the wedding photos. Could there be anywhere more beauty?

    It would be very interesting to see if any other travel bloggers can come up with such a stunning selection of churches for their destination?

  4. Craig says:

    Stunningly beautiful and utterly idyllic but how practical is it to get a wedding organised at one of these churches? Would the local
    priest be able to conduct a service in English? How long before the service would you have to arrive in Greece to get any formalities and paperwork done? Are there Greek wedding planners available to join all the dots like transport, photographer, reception and accommodation?

  5. Nadine says:

    The Church of Panaghia definitely reminds me of Mamma Mia’s wedding scene where they were going up the steep trail to the church. I bet the view there would be amazing, and there wouldn’t be any bad pictures at all. I can see why many couples would find Greece a fine destination for a wedding.

  6. Helen Johnson says:

    Going abroad for weddings seems to be increasingly popular, though whether that will change in regard to EU countries during/after Brexit, who knows. I’d certainly be keen to consider a wedding in Greece, especially as you’d be far more likely to get the sunshine you’re hoping for in the warmer months rather than risking it in the UK. It’s places like the Chrysopigi Church that capture my imagination, the architecture and the white expanse, it’s so beautiful and mesmerising. You’d certainly get some gorgeous wedding photos there!

  7. Suzy Willis says:

    No contest!

    When you think of brides getting married in grey, wet and windy Britain this weekend you can see the attraction of these fantastic Greek locations.

    Nowadays a wedding in Britain costs an arm and a leg and so often you are playing Russian Roulette with the weather. I know that you can’t always guarantee the weather in Greece but the odds on a dry day are much better.

  8. Sarah Bugden says:

    I can see these churches bring especially busy. A lot of people put off their weddings with all the uncertainty of the pandemic. Then everybody wants to travel again at any opportunity. The result? Very busy churches.

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