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Luxury travel news this week

Here’s a round-up of luxury travel stories that have caught the eye this week. To make sure you receive these new weekly alerts in your web browser, please click on the red bell icon in the bottom right hand corner of the page and click ‘subscribe’ (works on desktop only – for other ways to subscribe, please click here). This will also alert you to any other posts on the blog. Should you wish, you can unsubscribe at any time, by clicking on the icon again and selecting ‘unsubscribe’. Japan’s newest luxury hotel is hidden in a secret garden “Secrets are meant to be found out with time,” former Bankers Trust CEO Charles Sandford once said. And while he wasn’t referring to Japan’s newest luxury hotel when he said it, he might as well have been. Perched on 80 acres of land in a once-forgotten secret garden at the bottom of Japan’s Hidari Daimonji mountain, Aman’s latest five-star resort, the Aman Kyoto, quietly opened in early November… [read more] California is home to 91 of the 100 most expensive zip codes in the U.S. — here’s no. 1 California is well-known for its stunning coastlines, gorgeous redwood forests, lavish Hollywood scene, and over-the-top celebrity homes. It’s also known for one more thing: being expensive as hell. According to the new rankings by the real estate website, PropertyShark, California is home to 91 of the top 100 most expensive zip codes in the nation… [read more] Ultra-luxury shopping mecca built by Louis Vuitton owner to open in Paris Bernard Arnault is Europe’s richest man – he’s the French billionaire who offered up €200 million towards the restoration of Notre Dame and is head of the LVMH Group, which owns Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior and is sizing up Tiffany’s as its next conquest. Now, at at time when most CEOs are side-stepping away from the bricks-and-mortar shops, Arnault, 70, (who has an estimated wealth of more than £80 billion) has plans to reopen a temple of lavish consumerism… [read more] This luxury hotel has the best view of the Colosseum When it comes to hotels with great views, Rome delivers. There’s no lack of luxurious properties overlooking the city’s rooftops and famous sights. But one stands out for being the only 5-star hotel with unparalleled views of the Colosseum: Palazzo Manfredi. Part of the Relais & Châteaux collection and situated directly above ruins of the Ludus Magnus, an ancient gladiator training school, Palazzo Manfredi is a… [read more] Black Friday deals: the best cruise holiday offers Black Friday is around the corner and cruise lines are rallying to offer customers the most amazing deals on 2020 sailings. We’ve rounded up our favourite Black Friday deals on cruise holidays so you can set sail next year without breaking the bank… [read more] We really enjoy hearing from our readers and would love to hear your views on any of these stories! Please click on the comments below and share your thoughts. Thank you. Have a story you’d like to share? Please contact us for details.

Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson is Editor of A Luxury Travel Blog and has worked in the travel industry for more than 30 years. He is Winner of the Innovations in Travel ‘Best Travel Influencer’ Award from WIRED magazine. In addition to other awards, the blog has also been voted “one of the world’s best travel blogs” and “best for luxury” by The Daily Telegraph.

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  1. The jury’s out on Black Friday deals. From the retail perspective how good are the deals and wouldn’t they improve if we waited until we got closer to Christmas?

    Interesting summary of cruise deals. The 50% off a second cabin is an intriguing one. At 25% off per head it should encourage couples to come together and book the same cruise.

  2. The Hidari Daimonji reminds me of something out of films and books, and a secret hidden hotel nestled in the middle of it? That’s so cool! It looks amazing inside, sleek yet authentic, more modern than I’d anticipated it would look in terms of architecture and design. They certainly invested a lot of time and money in it considering it says it was 20 years in the making, and I like that they wanted to preserve the natural landscape as much as possible during construction. Too many companies tear down anything in their way just so they can put business and profit first. With the spa as well this place sounds like the perfect sanctuary to escape from life for a while.

  3. I think I watched too much TV when I was younger, then things like The OC, because ever since I’ve loved the idea of living in California. Not so much if it’s so expensive. Aside from property prices themselves, I did see they’re pushing for a law, or maybe that’s come through now, to try to stop those renting from getting ridiculous rent increases. Sounds like a rent cap would be a good idea judging by how much prices have been hiked and a lot have been evicted unfairly, too.

    It’s hard to imagine being worth £80 billion, but I’m glad Arnault is taking over that La Samaritaine property because it’s been left for so long, and it’s such a shame because it’s a gorgeous building. Obviously needed a lot of work as it’s cost him €750 mil just to renovate. Not sure how many people can afford all of these luxury designer brands if that’s all that will be stocked there but at least the building isn’t going to waste or left to rot.

  4. Is California having 91 of the most expensive zip codes out of the top 100 in the USA that much of a story? I don’t think that “news” will come as much of a surprise to anyone who has ever visited the Golden State. Back in the day it may have been golden thanks to the sunshine. Nowadays it’s the property prices which make it golden.

  5. The architects for the Aman Kyoto hotel must have felt incredibly privileged to have had such an amazing natural environment to work with. It must be a very special place to stay, so serene.

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