Top 10 luxury travel gifts for him this Christmas (UK & Europe edition)

The festive season is upon us which of course means the pressure is on to find the perfect gift. The task of Christmas gift-giving is not always an easy one – especially if he already seems to have everything – so we hope our list helps you out! From the world’s first 5TB hardware encrypted portable HD drive to one of the world’s most technical ski touring jackets, we have compiled a number of suggestions which we hope will make buying for him that little bit easier this year.

5tb diskashur2 HD drive from iStorage

Wanting to keep your data safe as you travel? This PIN authenticated portable drive from iStorage offers military grade hardware encryption and is intelligently programmed to protect against all forms of Brute Force attacks. Not only is it ultra-secure but it’s also easy to use and compatible with any operating system. No software is required and it offers a super fast USB 3.1 connection (up to 148 MB/s read speed and 140 MB/s write speed). What’s more, the device’s portability and elegant shock-proof dseign make it the perfect travel companion for anyone wanting to keep their data safe whilst on the move.

Mavic Mini from DJI

Weighing under 250 grams, the DJI Mavic Mini is almost as light as the average smartphone. This makes it perfect for travel – exceptionally portable and one of the lowest and safest weight class of drones, which in many countries may exempt it from certain regulations. This compact yet powerful drone is the perfect creative companion, capturing your moments in a way that effortlessly elevates the ordinary. Together with the easy-to-use DJI Fly app, you’ll enjoy a simplified flying experience and a perspective unlike any other. Mavic Mini supports 12MP aerial photos and 2.7K Quad HD videos. A 3-axis motorized gimbal provides superior camera stability and ensures clear, ultra-smooth footage.

CL Pocket binoculars from SWAROVSKI OPTIK

For the outdoor enthusiast male in your life, SWAROVSKI OPTIK’s CL Pocket binoculars fit into even the smallest of bags and pockets thanks to their robust aluminium housing and conveniently designed foldable bridge. Along with an impressive 119-metre field of view, the binoculars are well-suited for those walkers and nature lovers who wear glasses, thanks to the individually adjustable twist-in eyecups. Although small in size, the ergonomic binoculars don’t compromise on quality and offer unique optical excellence of the highest order in the compact range. They also come with a field bag, carrying strap and raincover and come in a choice of colours including sandbrown, black and green. Priced from £590.

Wine buyer’s selection hamper from Harrods

Harrods‘ in-house wine buyer selects 12 bottles of wine to showcase the very best that the Harrods Wine Rooms have to offer; enjoy the beautiful contrast between bottles of rich Rioja and celebratory Champagne, all presented in a traditional wicker hamper.

Included in the selection is the Harrods Champagne Grand Reserve Nv – an extraordinarily elegant and complex wine in which the fine bubbles are complemented by the delicate aromas of citrus fruits and hazelnuts.

120L duffel bag from Helly Hansen

This essential year-round duffel bag from Helly Hansen comes with a waterproof, hard-wearing main fabric and zipped pockets both inside and out, plus compression straps on the sides. It can easily be converted into a backpack with adjustable shoulder straps. Regardless of whatever hobbies and outdoor purusits you enjoy, it’s great for keeping your gear safe and protected from the elements.

Online photography course from Photography Concentrate

For the person who wants to take their photography skills to the next level, an online course with Photography Concentrate is a great way to learn and makes the perfect gift for that difficult-to-buy-for person who already has everything they might want or need. With this course, you can download materials that you can read (and watch – there are some videos, too) at your leisure, regardless of whether you have an internet connection. Tips are presented in a really clear and straight forward way, and beautiful packaged for photographers of all abilities.

Colognes set from Louis Vuitton

This colognes set from Louis Vuitton is an aromatic ode to the allure of Summer and travel. A captivating trio of bright hues and entrancing fragrances; Afternoon Swim, Cactus Garden and Sun Song are permeated with the essence of nature. This set of eaux de parfum is designed to amplify and perpetuate the spirit of long, warm days.

HD 820 closed-back headphones from Sennheiser

With these groundbreaking closed dynamic headphones from Sennheiser, passionate music lovers can now enjoy their music at an audiophile level wherever they please, at home or on the move. Featuring unique glass transducer covers that minimize resonances, the HD 820 are simply the most transparent-sounding closed headphones in the world, extending the boundaries of what has been achieved in sound reproduction with closed type headphones up to now.

Zürich world time watch from NOMOS

24 watches in one: Zürich world time from NOMOS. Travel the world with the push of a button and automatically know the time in Sydney, Denver, Alaska, and New York. A complication that keeps things simple, which is also helpful even if you don’t leave the house—but are online, calling with friends in Honolulu. Zürich’s design, mechanics, and precision have earned it numerous awards.

Rush IS jacket from Arc’teryx

Some days require more warmth. The fully featured Rush IS Jacket from Arc’teryx has GORE-TEX Pro waterproof protection and Octa® Loft breathable insulation for warmth on cold backcountry ski and snowboard tours. The helmet compatible StormHood™ gives full coverage and maintains peripheral vision, a powder skirt helps seal out snow, and articulated patterning elevate freedom of movement. Pockets are simple and smart, WaterTight™ zippers won’t accumulate snow, and the Cohaesive® hood and hem adjusters are streamlined and efficient.

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Comments (23)

  1. Michael Edwards says:

    As a travel writer I need to store a huge amount of images, all of them very high resolution.

    Maybe it’s the way that my brain works but I suddenly I get an idea for a new angle on a story. In the bad old days I would have already have deleted all the old images to save valuable hard drive space.

    Earlier in the year I invested in a 2 TB hard drive but it’s already close to full.

    Probably the next step-up for me is 5 TB.

    • Paul Johnson says:

      You’re doing well if you’re filling a 2TB drive just with photos, Michael…!

      They say a 1 GB drive can hold an estimated 595 photos (with a 5 megapixel camera at standard resolution settings). Obviously, 5 TB is 5,000 times that amount, so a whopping 2.97 million pictures!! Of course, if your camera is a higher resolution or you’re shooting in TIF format or similar, that figure will be significantly reduced but it’s still going to be extremely generous and more than enough for most people’s needs.

      I would imagine it’s also very handy for people shooting a lot of video where the file sizes are much larger.

    • Sally A. says:

      This isn’t just a boy’s toy!

      My daughter will get married in June and I’d been puzzling how to get all the photos and videos safe in one place.

      We’re expecting over 2,000 images from the photographer alone. Then there’s the official video plus all the pictures and bits of film that friends and family take through the day. It seems as if this disc could be the answer.

  2. Claire Smith says:

    Why is it so difficult buying presents “for him”? This is a very timely piece. Time’s running out and I still haven’t got anything for my husband.

  3. Maggie says:

    My husband is a very busy man, no way would he be able to find the time to go along to a regular photography course. Back in the summer he bought a very flash new camera and he’s still checking out all its features. An online photography course would be great for him as he could download it and watch it whilst he is on trains and planes.

    • Paul Johnson says:

      That’s a good point, Maggie… you can learn at your leisure by watching (and re-watching) videos, etc. There are some really useful resources there and they would lend themselves well to amateur photographers who lead busy lifestyles but still want to learn.

  4. Dan Swan says:

    A hamper is the gift that keeps on giving. Even when the champagne and wine is long gone you’ve still got a useful hamper.

    My mother gave us a regular Harrods Christmas hamper a few years ago and we’ve used it a lot for picnics and just storing our picnic gear.

    • Andrew says:

      I’m ordering a couple of these Harrods hampers for close family. When you reach a certain age, it’s hard to know what to buy for someone who already has what they want in life. But some really special consumables are always a safe bet and, whilst you might pay that little bit more, it’s Christmas and you can be assured with the quality with Harrods.

  5. Ivor Hunter says:

    I hope that my family and friends are reading this as I would very much like Santa to bring me a pair of the Sennheiser headphones.

    Bach, Beethoven, Mozart and co wrote their music to be heard when it was performed by top class musicians playing it on the very best instruments of their day.

    Somewhere along the way we’ve lost it, being far too happy to listen to some of the greatest music ever performed on devices that are little more than plastic earbuds.

  6. Mark B says:

    My bro is a tech programmer so the HD would be right up his street. Never knew you could get one with a physical number lock on it. I think given data attacks are getting increasingly sophisticated overall security concerns are also increasing so people are thinking more about what they’re using and how to keep their stuff safe.

    Very snazzy binoculars. Swarovski on binoculars, who would have thought it?! The headphones also look awesome. The see through part kinda looks like those mazes, like the ones in crackers where you’ve got to get the little metal ball around them. Sennheiser are fantastic, never had a pair that have been disappointing so I’d hope for good things from these.

  7. Carolyn says:

    I don’t understand why binoculars have dropped out of fashion. They are so useful. There’s always something to see. My husband gets a lot of use out of his existing pair when watching cricket and rugby, walking in the countryside etc. Time that he got an upgrade to the SWAROVSKI OPTIK’s CL Pocket binoculars!

    • Paul Johnson says:

      Have they? I’m not sure.

      I use a large-ish pair quite regularly to watch our sons when they go sailing. Although they are quite good, having something more compact like these ones from SWAROVSKI OPTIK would be very handy as the larger pairs can be quite bulky sometimes.

      Enjoy the Christmas break,


  8. Simon Parker says:

    I’m sorely tempted by treating myself to the iStorage device. I didn’t realise you could get them with that kind of capacity nowadays.

    • Paul Johnson says:

      Yes, this is an impressive amount of storage, isn’t it?

      I back up a lot of my data on Google Drive where I have a 2TB account. I don’t think I even fill half of it, with thousands upon thousands of high res images, so 5TB is an awful lot!

      Would be handy, though, as I think I’d feel safer having data backed up on a portable drive as well as somewhere on the cloud.


  9. Maddie says:

    Lots of great ideas for the hubby here – THANK YOU!

  10. Jimmy says:

    I take a lot of photographs when I travel and always worry about my devices being stolen. Having a storage device like that one would give me added piece of mind as it would mean I could keep the data backed up (so long as that item wasn’t stolen also, of course).

    I also spend quite a lot of time at sea or at coastal destinations so that Helly Hansen duffel bag would be great. 120 litres sounds like a lot. I did a bit of research and see you can also wear it like a rucksack which would be super handy.

  11. Alice Davidson says:

    A friend of mine has some SWAROVSKI OPTIK pocket binoculars and I can certainly vouch for them. Nice and compact without compromising on quality like some of the very small pairs seem to do.

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