COVID-19 coronavirus: Where in the world can you scuba dive?

For over 50 years PADI®, the Professional Association of Diving Instructors, has enabled people around the globe to experience the wonder of the underwater world, but COVID-19 has disrupted travel and scuba diving operations across the globe, so where is it now possible to dive?

As the world slowly opens again, PADI wants to help divers get back in the water so they can enjoy the sport they love. PADI has created a new interactive map to make it easy to identify – in real-time – where diving is permitted and what dive shops are open locally and around the world.

This information is collated at source from 6,750 dive centres around the world and updated regularly as situations evolve. This handy, easy-to-use map features clear navigation. Just click on any country to see what travel restrictions apply, and to learn more about accessibility of diving in that country and the latest status for each PADI Dive Centre and Resort.

PADI hopes this map will help people discover amazing underwater places, both close to home as soon as possible and in far-flung destinations when time permits.

About PADI

PADI® (Professional Association of Diving Instructors®) is the world’s largest diving organisation with a global network of more than 6,750 dive centers and resorts and 137,000 professional members worldwide. Issuing more than 1 million certifications each year, PADI enables people around the world to seek adventure and save the ocean through underwater education, life-changing experiences and travel.

Comments (5)

  1. Simon Parker says:

    I would love to learn how to scuba dive. I had the opportunity to do a PADI course one holiday but really wasn’t in the mood to study at a time when I wanted to relax (it was quite an extensive course). I don’t regret my decision at the time but would still like to learn and explore what I imagine feels like a whole new world.

    • Paul Johnson says:

      I can relate to that, Simon. I too would love to learn one day. I’ve always enjoyed snorkelling and been amazed what I can see doing just that, but going to greater depths must open you up to a whole new world of experiences.

  2. G Suplife says:

    It will be exciting to get back out scuba diving. I really miss it.

  3. Jez says:

    To answer your question: The Red Sea.

    I went to Egypt last year, just for a holiday. I went out snorkelling one morning and I was highly impressed by what I saw of the scuba school. People were starting off in the hotel pool and soon progressing to the sea. From what I saw snorkelling there’s plenty of life on the coral reef. I also got the impression that it was good value relative to some of the other places that I have visited.

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