The smart new luggage that syncs with your smartphone


Wouldn’t it be good if your luggage could weigh itself? Or if it could lock and unlock itself depending on how close you are to it? Or if it could charge your phone or other devices? Or if could send you a reminder if you accidentally left it somewhere? Or how about if you could track its whereabouts on a map? Or if it could tell you how far its travelled around the globe? Or if it could even tell you what to pack for an upcoming trip?


Believe it or not, all this is already on the horizon with truly 21st century luggage from Bluesmart.

Travel and technology are combining like never before and your luggage – which has seen little in the way of innovation for decades – isámost definitely gettingásmarter. Created by a team of New York and Argentinian designers, Bluesmart’s carry-on luggage complies with most airlines’ hand luggage restrictions (it measures 21.5 x 14 x 9 inches) and syncs with an app to provide iPhone and Android users with information on the move. Its lock has been approved by Travel Sentry, who set high standards when it comes to travel security, and it will even alert you if someone attempts to open it (unscrupulous baggage handlers, take note!).


As someone who travels with a reasonable degree of frequency, and to a variety of destinations that have different packing requirements, I particularly like the idea of my luggage providing me with a checklist of what to pack and when, depending on whether I’m about to travel for business or leisure, or to somewhere warm or not so warm. I also like the thought of arriving at my destination with my devices already fully charged so that I am not frantically trying to find a travel adapter the moment I reach my hotel room.


Perhaps less essential, but I’d also be intrigued to know how far my luggage is travelling and whether there’s a seasonality to the types of trips that I make at different times of the year that I hadn’t previously picked up on.


And if you thought all this technology was just a gimmick, you’d be wrong. The demand is most definitely out there with more than 7,000 units already sold and more than $2 million raised in funding via the crowdfunding website Indiegogo. Buy yours now and you can take advantage of the introductory rate of $299, instead of the expected RRP of $450 or more. That’s a massive 40% saving if you pre-order, but only for a limited period. What’s more, if you buy using the code ‘Luxury5′ – exclusive to A Luxury Travel Blogá-áyou can enjoy an extra 5% off, giving you a total discount of 45%.

What do you think? Will you be pre-ordering this futuristic luggage? And what other innovations would you like to see that would make your luggage smarter?

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  1. Trenda says:

    This is awesome!!!! I’m going to need to purchase this suitcase. My new lifestyle company has given me a way where I’ll travel more than I’ve ever had before. And this 21st century is what I’ll need for my world tour. I will pre-order mine soon.

  2. Rosemond says:

    This seems amazing! I’d love the ability to lock and unlock. I would feel so much more secure when I check my bag.

  3. Fabiola says:

    This is amazing!!!…Excellent idea. It’s great that we don’t need to think about the charger, we can track the luggage and the check list. I love it

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