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7 things to look out for on the first wellness focused ship in Antarctica

Climb aboard the first wellness focused ship in Antarctica, where you can enjoy a premium Polar adventure, with an expansive array of health and wellness offerings. The Ocean Endeavour is an expertly engineered small expedition ship, newly refurbished, with a choice of 13 cabin categories and contemporary interiors. The 199-passenger vessel boasts a contemporary aesthetic with opportunities to indulge, relax, while providing opportunities for health and wellness. Ocean Endeavour - Credit - Samantha Crimmin A superb guest experience is offered throughout the ship’s bright and spacious interiors, with an abundance of deck space, making it perfect for polar landscape viewing. Common areas include a quiet space for contemplation, a Polar library, a Polar boutique, a lecture theatre, an observation area and sundeck, and a Juice & Smoothie Bar. While on board you can also enjoy a diverse Polar education. Quark penguins - Credit - Samantha Crimmin Perfectly in tune with the Ocean Endeavour is the range of wonderful wellness and health offerings, which include yoga and stretching clases, spa treatments, his and hers saunas, a heated salt water pool and a gym. During your Polar expedition, you will be looked after by an expert and passionate expedition and spa team. The Ocean Endeavour wellness spectrum encompasses nutritional, physical, intellectual, environmental, emotional and spiritual wellness. By the way, if you haven’t been on a Polar expedition before, they are known to trigger some of life’s most reflective and inspirational moments. Ocean Endeavour, Antarctica Here are 7 things to look out for when on board the Ocean Endeavour, the world’s first wellness focused ship in Antarctica. 1. VOYA spa treatments and beauty products The spa treatments are brought to you by the Irish company VOYA, from Ireland‘s wild and wonderful Atlantic coast, who has partnered with Quark Expeditions® and the Ocean Endeavour to bring organic beauty from the sea to ship guests. “We’re incredibly pleased to partner with VOYA, a company whose commitment to environmental sustainability and quality so closely match our own,” said Andrew White, Quark Expeditions® President. “Its dedication to preserving the integrity of nutrient-rich, organic seaweed from harvesting to application is admirable, and we’re sure our guests will appreciate this great attention to quality and detail.” VOYA treatments on offer include: The Exclusive Explorer’s Revive Ritual, which was designed exclusively for the company’s passengers, and is a head-to-toe spa ritual that lasts for 55 minutes. The Exclusive VOYA Hair Treatment is a deep, nourishing treatment, to replenish your hair cuticles and scalp. This ritual uses hot oil and a nutrient-rich hair mask. This is followed by a scalp massage, a soothing eye treatment and a relaxing lower leg massage. This in-depth treatment was also specifically designed for Quark Expeditions® passengers. VOYA Facial Experiences range from 45 to 90 minute experiences. They use organic seaweed treatments, to detoxify, soothe and relax. Indulgent VOYA facial spa experiences also include an Anti-Aging Restorative facial, and a Purifying Environmental Defense treatment. Hand, foot and massage rituals are part of the VOYA wellness offerings, using seaweed-based products and soothing oils to relax, detox, nourish, hydrate and exfoliate. 2. His and hers saunas Tend to your physical well-being and relaxation by spending some time in the his and hers saunas. 3. Saltwater pool & gym While in relaxation and taking-care-of-your-health-mode, the saltwater pool and gym are excellent places to spend some time. 4. Yoga and stretching classes Tune in to your body and mind by taking yoga and stretching classes. Yoga and stretching are not only physically enriching, but help balance your mind and emotions. They can even help you feel more in tune with the environment you are exploring. 5. Full range of adventure activities Passengers can also partake in multi-level adventure options which include cross-country skiing, Zodiac cruising, hiking, stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking, camping, mountaineering and snowshoeing. 6. Intellectual enrichment and health Rounding off the many experiences, reflections and inspirations you can have on a Polar expedition, is the wonderful intellectual program on board the Ocean Endeavour. Attend fascinating lectures about the climate, history and wildlife delivered by pòlar experts. Join the exclusive on board Polar Photography program, or take in the Scientists in Residence program. Each day there are highlights and discovery recap discussions. Connect with like-minded explorers and the Expedition Team. Quark Antarctica ship - Credit - Samantha Crimmin 7. Contemporary dining Throughout the Polar expedition, you can nourish your body and soul with chef-prepared meals with a contemporary approach to dining. Eat a delicious, nutritious breakfast, lunch and snacks during the day. In the evening enjoy dinner in the Polaris Restaurant, with complimentary wine. Contemporary food offerings are served to you in an open, airy dining room, for a perfect end to a perfect Polar day. This post is sponsored by Quark Expeditions®.

Paul Johnson

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  1. Great blog Paul! It’s nice to see ships and cruise lines getting involved in wellness travel since they are typically associated with wasted buffet food and overindulging.

  2. Having worked in Antarctica on seven expeditions over the past three winters with another company, I have seen the fine Quark Expeditions ships in port at Ushuaia, Argentina, and this past December, plying the waters off the Antarctic Sound south of Brown Bluff, in early January 2016. I have a photo of this ship.

    Quark is one of the few ethical and responsible companies that sail in Antarctica. Too many are “gin palaces” as a colleague described them, without proper hull reinforcement or equipment for sailing in Antarctic waters. One company (that shall remain nameless) had an engine fire this winter, that forced the evacuation of more than 300 passengers!

    Sail with the best and you will have a problem free voyage.

    Cheers from Montréal.
    Frederic Hore

  3. Thanks for tips! We will go to the Antarctic next winter – it’s very exciting, but there is not so much information in internet about all this cruises.

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