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5 top tips for hassle-free travel

While hopping on a plane might help you to satisfy your innate sense of wanderlust, the truth is that it can be something of a hassle as well. We’ve all buckled under the immense strain travelling can take on us in the past! If you want to make your journey as hassle-free as possible, here are a few top tips that you may want to try. 1. Make sure that you have the essentials Before you even dream of leaving the house, you need to do this. There are certain things, such as your passport and tickets that you simply can’t travel without. If you’re heading to a country in which you will need a visa, you need to make sure that you have a hard copy of this as well. (Often enough a notification is attached to your passport stating that you have a visa, but it’s still worth taking a copy of your own.) Passport 2. Avoid weighing yourself down When it comes to travelling you may not realise the impact your suitcase has on your journey. Jetting off on holiday is so much easier if you are a minimalist packer or opt for a super lightweight case. If you’re packing 30 kilos and don’t have the biceps of The Rock, travelling through the airport will be an effort. Choose a lightweight case with 8 wheel 360 degree technology and the stressful days of lugging your bags through the airport to the gate will be over. Going lightweight means you can also benefit from more weight allowance, perfect for packing those holiday essentials and the less likely you are to be charged excess baggage. Or travel light with just a cabin size case and you’ll be able to get about so much more easily and won’t have to wait at the luggage carousel on arrival, giving you that little bit of extra time to enjoy your holiday. ZFrame wheels 3. Check in online when possible Most airlines will allow you to check-in online before you’ve even reached the airport. In many cases, you have a 48 or 24 hour window before your flight in which you can check-in with utter ease online. Online checkin 4. Download the airline app Nowadays, many of the world’s major airlines have apps that their passengers can download. It’s worth simply checking the app store to see if your particular airline has one just for you. The apps will show you a range of information, including whether there are any flight delays or cancellations. Air travel app 5. Leave yourself (more than) enough time Remember, catching a flight can be stressful enough as it is without having to deal with an impending time constraint. Of course, you should check online to see how early you have to arrive for your flight. Once you know that, we’d suggest leaving just a little earlier than you think you need to. You must leave room for human error! Airport Images: Shutterstock Emma Greenhalgh is Buying Director at ZFrame. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. The leave yourself more time rule is key! The lines at USA airports have gotten even more ridiculous this year. I had a 2.5 layover in Newark and missed my connecting flight due to delays at security and immigration so it’s always better to be sitting at the gate extra early that missing your flight!

  2. I always leave myself more time,as you never know what problems may prop up,it’s been a life saver in the past x

  3. It’s really important to be organised and get write lists of what is needed in good time so it can all be checked off.

  4. Thanks for the tips – I didn’t know you could check in online! Such a clever idea! Save a lot of time and stress!

  5. These are all excellent tips. Whilst I have never managed to forget anything I can only imagine the chaos and worry there must be if you do forget an important item

  6. The tips are good I won’t disagree but aren’t they a little obvious? If someone is badly organized or an air-head then even the best tips in the world won’t help them. It is just matter of personality.


  7. Great tips! I try to adhere especially to the top two and the last one. I travel light with just the essentials and always arrive early.

  8. As someone who has been living a traveling lifestyle for the last 2 years I can’t stress enough how important it is to give yourself more time then you think is necessary to get to the airport, through check in and security. I actually don’t mind hanging out at airports love checking out the shops and watching the people and the buffer of time just in case gives me peace of mind. Also be mindful of connecting flights. There are some airports where 40 minutes is just not enough time.

  9. I agree completely with web check-in and leaving enough time on hand. Not doing either of the two can cause complete havoc on what would otherwise be a trip full of memories!

  10. It’s great to know that traveling is so much easier when you are using a lighter suitcase. My partner and I are flying out of Philadelphia soon to go on a long vacation. I want the trip to be pretty seamless so we need to make our travel and hotel plans way ahead of time.

  11. I love your idea to keep the suitcase very light and easy to work with so that it doesn’t weigh you down at all. My spouse and I are going to leave on a big vacation in a few weeks so we need to make sure that we are doing things correctly. I want to set up our transportation plans ahead of time so that there is no lost time in travel.

  12. I will be travelling abroad in about a month, that’s why I’m currently looking for an airport transportation service that I may rent. I guess you’re right; it’ll be best if I’ll just choose a lightweight case. I’ll also keep in mind to leave my house a little earlier to avoid being late.

  13. It makes a lot of sense to pack lightly so that you don’t get tired carry really heavy luggage around. My sister is going on a vacation soon and she wants to make the travel really smooth. I think it’s a good idea to plan all the transportation plans ahead of time so that it’s easier to know when things are happening.

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    Amazing article! Thanks for sharing such an informative blog with us.
    Your tips are handy.

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