8 luxury travel accessories for your every need

Travelling can be tiring sometimes. But, depending on your mode of travel, there are some products out there that can just make life that little bit easier. Whether you are away on business or preferring to spend time on the beach, here is a selection of accessories that might just come in handy for your next trip.

For the insomniac traveller

Sleep can be a problem sometimes when you travel – particularly if you’re having to catch flights very early in the morning or if you’re journeying through the night. Travelling between timezones can also make things difficult, particularly if you suffer from jet lag. If listening to music or the radio helps you nod off, then the SleepPhones from AcousticSheep – billed as ‘pyjamas for your ears’ – are definitely worth looking into. Not only are they supremely comfortable to wear, but they’re also wireless, meaning you won’t get tangled should you turn over during the night. Furthermore, if you like your fitness, a version of these wearable headphones is also available for runners.


For the business traveller

The Voyager 5200 Bluetooth headset from Plantronics allows you to keep up with important calls no matter where your travels take you. It features WindSmart technology to eliminate wind and background noise, making clear and professional phone calls possible even in challenging situations like airports, train stations, coffee shops and the outdoors.


For the security-conscious traveller

Let’s face it – when you travel, lost luggage is not an option. It’s just too valuable to lose – from lost time looking for it, to lost items and keepsakes, luggage security is a must. With the LugLoc luggage locator, you can keep track of your bags wherever they go anywhere in the world. The device uses cell signal (GSM) and Bluetooth technology so that you can track the bags from your cell phone.


For the data-conscious traveller

Looking after your data as you travel, whether it be photographs from your camera or anything else, is essential. The Porsche design mobile hard drive from Lacie is a top of the line personal storage option for creative professionals with a need for a mobile and secure storage option as they travel. It’s a great option for both Mac and PC users as it’s lightweight yet sturdy (aluminium casing), with lightning fast transfer speeds and 2TB capacity. The slick design ethos of luxury-lifestyle brand Porsche, combined with the technological innovation of LaCie, has created a really unique and exclusive storage device.


For the tech-savvy traveller

Have you ever been frustrated by a lack of sockets next to the bed in a hotel room? It’s a common gripe but one that is overcome by the LampChamp from Ölens Technology. Simply remove the bulb from your bedside light, screw in the LampChamp and then replace the bulb. You now have your own USB charging station – perfect if you want to be able to access your phone from bed, or use it as an alarm clock. Just don’t forget to take it with you when you leave…


For the beach-goer

Ever been at the beach and pool and not been sure what to do with your valuables whilst you take a quick dip? The AquaVault is a travel safe that attaches to a lounge chair to temporarily store any important belongings while you go for a swim or stroll. The safe can attach to a variety of objects and locks with a three digit combination that is unique to each user. Although initially designed to work specifically on lounge chairs, it will also lend itself to strollers, golf carts, bicycles and wheelchairs.


For the golfer

Travelling with golf clubs in tow hasn’t always been easy but that’s now a thing of the past with Sun Mountain’s ClubGlider Meridian golf trolley. It represents the next evolution in golf travel bags with its unique extendable leg which supports 100% of the weight of the bag so you can simply pull it along from the parking lot to the airport terminal with ease. You can also make your way through check-in without having to set it down and heft it up every time the queue inches a few feet forward, leaving you with more energy to play golf when you reach your destination.


For the seafarer

Love life on the ocean? Or know someone who does? Then this sailing dopp kit from Rule #5 is just the ticket! With sailing-specific artwork, custom printed interior liner fabric and soft leather detailing, it has plenty of room to store all his personal grooming essentials. Rule #5 is a new lifestyle brand offering a super cool line of backpacks, messenger bags, dopp kits and wallets, each with sport-specific design details for guys who are into not only sailing, but also skiing, surfing, running, cycling or triathlons.


Comments (4)

  1. Tallat Satti says:

    It is always hard for me to fall asleep in long trips and even at new places. These SleepPhones is a great device for the people like me.

  2. Mary says:

    I like the LampChamp! What a great idea! Liking the AquaVault as well. These are great Christmas gift ideas :)

  3. John says:

    Those acoustic sheep headphone sound like just what I need having suffered from bruised ears when asleep with normal headphones on.
    Do they turn off after a certain period?

  4. Catherine says:

    Hi John! SleepPhones do not turn off after a certain period unless your battery runs out. Battery life varies between 10-13 hours depending on the volume setting you choose. You will, however, be able to hear your alarm clock in the morning. We hope this helps! Sleep well :)

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