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Discover San Antonio’s food trails

Specialty tacos, the finest smoked brisket and smooth margaritas are just a few iconic San Antonio offerings. Exploring the city’s rich culinary scene just got easier with the launch of the San Antonio Food Trails. This new flavorful and fun culinary adventure is being organised by San Antonio-based non-profit Culinaria. Culinaria is committed to promoting San Antonio as a premier wine and food destination while fostering community growth and enrichment. The San Antonio Food Trails are a categorised expedition to restaurants and bars that offer some of the region’s best cuisine and beverages, as decided by a committee of leading local restaurateurs, food experts and culinary ambassadors. The three food trails launching are tacos, barbecue and margaritas. Celebrity Chef Johnny Hernandez of Grupo La Gloria restaurants, who has been a part of the development of the San Antonio Food Trails, commented that San Antonia has a lot to offer and that he wanted to make it easier for visitors and locals to visit places they may have never experienced otherwise. With specifically curated lists on its mobile-friendly site, the San Antonio Food Trails program is designed to be a convenient way for travellers to get the most out of their culinary adventure to the Alamo City. San Antonio has long been known as the heart of Tex-Mex food and has evolved as a destination for Tex-Next, with diverse chef-owned restaurants, thriving farmers’ markets and cooking classes. With its confluence of cultures, San Antonio is one of only two cities in the country designated a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy, honouring the city’s culinary history. Restaurants on the San Antonio Food Trails will be on a two-year rotation to give ample time for patrons to go on several “food crawls”. Explore, mix-and-match experiences and share your experiences using #safoodtrails #culinariaeats and #safoodculture. The San Antonio Food Trails are sure to be a conversation piece for any lover of great local cuisine.

Paul Johnson

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  1. I love Tex-Mex when it’s done well. I need to drop in on San Antonio on my next trip to the States.

  2. That’s quite an honour to get just one of the two UNESCO Creative City Of Gastronomy awards in the country. San Antonio must be really something special when you think of the wide range of the USA’s food across the breadth of the continent. Out of interest does anyone know which other city holds the award?

  3. Culinaria is a very clever idea. A non-profit organisation drawing the restaurant industry together is exactly the type of initiative that many American cities require. Who knows perhaps the concept could be extended to the arts and music too? If it is successful it is a format that could be rolled out across other states.

  4. Wow! San Antonio is some culinary destination. I bet that it’s drawing in a real foodie crowd. Though my first priority would be the Margarita Trail.

  5. I’m glad that the San Antonio Food Trails are making a long term commitment to the initiative. Too many businesses lack patience and the vision to give projects a decent trial. It’s great that they’ve agreed to the Food Trails being on a two year rotation.

    One of the problems that businesses have today is lack of continuity, there’s so much turnover of staff. A new manager comes in and he or she feels that they have to stamp their personality on things. I hope that even the new restaurant managers stick with what is a great idea.

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