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Top 5 luxury resorts in Phuket, Thailand

Phuket has gone through many avatars: from a backpacking haven, to the starting point for two of the luxury hotel world’s most significant names, to the current cacophony of low-end, mid-range, luxury, and every little niche in between. Phuket, once considered a paradise, now appears to be an overcrowded mass of people and concrete structures […]

Special feature: Amanpulo, Palawan, Philippines

Special feature: Amanpulo, Palawan, Philippines

Palawan in the Philippines has recently rocketed to the top of many travellers’ wishlists after being consistently featured in several travel publications as “the best island in the world”. While it is only recently that this ecologically diverse region of Philippines has gained prominence, the world’s foremost luxury resort group Aman clearly recognised the beauty of Palawan […]

Trisara Beach

Special feature: Trisara, Phuket, Thailand

There are many faces to Phuket. What started off as a backpacker hippy heaven now offers much more. Trisara is one of the island’s best exponents of the very opposite end of this scale – ultimate luxury, where privacy and minimalist elegance are complemented by a spectacular location. The resorted was opened in 2006 by one […]


Top 5 sexiest Winter pools

We wrote an article on the sexiest Summer swimming pools, but we just couldn’t resist writing one on its wilder counterpart: the sexiest Winter pools. There is something wildly exotic about swimming at an adequately heated pool in the middle of winter, while the environment that surrounds slowly wakes up from the subzero freeze. While winter […]

Alila Villas Uluwatu

5 hotels to watch the sun set

Twilight hour, golden hour, magic hour – call it what you want, the setting of the sun is a photographer’s dream, creating nature’s canvas in the sky and filling it with an array of colours and styles: pink, orange, red, yellow, golden, amber, mauve, purple; soft and calm, fiery and streaky, clear and majestic. We […]

Amankila arrival

Special feature: Amankila, Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a curious destination. An island of nearly 6,000 square kilometres featuring incredible geographical contrasts, and culturally at odds with the larger nation in which it resides, Bali is known the world over as a spiritual getaway. But the island of Bali is disturbed; rampant commercialism, consumerism and development in the Bukit Peninsula, a […]


Top 5 sexiest Summer pools

It is common in many of the world’s best tropical hotels and resorts to have private pools, but from our extensive travels, we’ve realised that it’s just as rewarding relaxing at a resort’s main pool – in a few cases such as the below, more so! So we’ve created a list of the resorts where […]

lodhi hotel delhi

Top 5 Asian city hotel retreats

Cities provide a landscape where it often feels like the world converges: a place that brings together people from all over the state, region, country or even the world, in a unique environment, resulting in a buzzing atmosphere that is bursting at its seams with creativity and a constant stream of new ideas: from culture […]

Short stay: Mandarin Oriental, San Francisco, California, USA

Short stay: Mandarin Oriental, San Francisco, California, USA

Housed in a decidedly commercial building, the Mandarin Oriental San Francisco might, at first glance, lack the character of some of the city’s other finer hotels, but, with a traditionally warm smile housed in the chain’s Asian roots, infused with the calmly unique nature of this fine American city, the hotel retains not only a very […]

Short stay: The Ritz-Carlton, San Francisco, California, USA

Short stay: The Ritz-Carlton, San Francisco, California, USA

There is something about grand finance buildings built in the late-19th and early-20th century, later reconverted into luxury hotels, that just brings out the best of architecture. The Ritz-Carlton, San Francisco, located in upscale Nob Hill and opened in 1991 following an extensive renovation, is no different. Perched atop one of the city’s most famous […]

Short stay: Taj Campton Place, San Francisco, USA

Short stay: Taj Campton Place, San Francisco, USA

San Francisco has many unique districts, but its beating heart is the small square-ish block of Union Square. Pitting luxe designer stores against boutique outfits, high-end restaurants against cafes, delis and brasseries, and art galleries against museums, the centre is abuzz with tourists and locals alike; and smack-bang in the middle of the Union Square […]

Flying Club Bauhinia and business class with Hong Kong Airlines

Flying Club Bauhinia and business class with Hong Kong Airlines

Increasingly in the modern market, an airline is judged not only by its business and first class, but also by its private or members’ lounge at various airports – most certainly for short-haul trips, where time spent in the aircraft itself is minimal. A new VIP lounge – Club Bauhinia – situated near Gate 23 at […]

Special feature: Andara Resort & Villas, Phuket, Thailand

Special feature: Andara Resort & Villas, Phuket, Thailand

Commonly referred to as ‘Millionaire’s Mile’ in Phuket, Thailand, the Kamala headland that juts out westward comprising the areas of Surin and Kamala is justifiably nicknamed such for the slew of luxurious resorts and private villas that dot the coast. Andara Resort & Villas epitomises the best of upscale Kamala and Phuket, with a series […]

Armani/Aqua - Salt Discovery Six Course Experience Menu

Armani/Aqua – Salt Discovery Six Course Experience Menu

Salt. It’s the single most important ingredient in a chef’s repertoire, and one of the oldest methods of curing and preserving, and the seasoning of food is arguably the important aspect of cooking or processing of food. And yet, it’s an incredibly under-emphasised ingredient. There is much more to salt and its use in food than […]

Asia's top 7 alternative suites

Asia’s top 7 alternative suites

Booking a Presidential suite is the ultimate in luxury, for those that can afford it. But suites at a level or two below the Presidential suite often offer a staggering array of luxuries, from oversized space to private terraces to personalised service, at a (relative) fraction of the Presidential suite cost. Check out these alternative […]

Million dollar views: 6 of the world's best resort views

Million dollar views: 6 of the world’s best resort views

Following on from our previous series where we looked at the world’s best city hotel views, we now turn our attention to the world’s most jaw dropping resort views. While city views are entirely dependent on mankind’s ability to build structures and turn buildings into art and entire cityscapes into neon-lit bright reflections of a […]

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