Are these the 22 best holiday destinations for 2022?

Some of you have already seen the clock strike midnight and welcomed in the New Year, but most of us aren’t quite there at the time of writing. But wherever you happen to be in the world, we would like to take this opportunity to wish all readers of A Luxury Travel Blog a very Happy New Year!

Last month Condé Nast Traveller published their list of the 22 best holiday destinations for travel in 2022. And here was their list:

Best for culture lovers

Oslo, Norway
New Orleans, USA
Kingston, Jamaica

Best for foodies

Birmingham, UK
Bend, Oregon, USA
County Tipperary, Ireland

Best for adventure junkies

Central Tanzania
Siquijor, Philippines
The Daintree, Queensland, Australia
Beijing, China
Sierras Chicas, Argentina
Hachinohe, Japan
Kaunas, Lithuania

Best for families

Trang archipelago, Thailand
Edinburgh, Scotland
Samos, Greece
Almere, Netherlands
Stewart Island, New Zealand

Do you agree with their selection or do you think there are some notable omissions? You might, for instance, have expected Qatar to have got a mention given that it is hosting the FIFA World Cup (after all, Beijing got a mention as it is hosting the Winter Olympics and Birmingham because it will be home to the Commonwealth Games). You might also be surprised to find that 10 of the 22 destinations selected are all in Europe.

Where gets your vote and where will you be visiting in 2022?

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  1. Roger says:

    It’s worth adding that Jersey is particularly good for food during Tenner Fest which begins in October. Long ago, chefs offered a meal for a Tenner to prolong the summer season into autumn.

    Unfortunately, inflation means that prices have risen. The principle though remains the same. You get an excellent meal for very little.

  2. Beth says:

    Egypt’s a very broad heading. It would probably take 10 days to do Cairo / Giza alone.

    Then add on another week for Luxor and Valley of the Kings. That’s without even mentioning Memphis.

    Should it have been two or three entries for Egypt?

  3. Bob Brown says:

    I know it maybe too obvious but I can’t understand why London doesn’t get a listing.

    139 museums and over 250 theatres must count for something. Throw in all the creativity of street art and university art and London’s got to be up there.

  4. John Talbot says:

    Not only are 10 out of 22 picks European, there is very little in there from the Southern Hemisphere.

    I can’t help but wonder whether Australia’s complete shut down will hit their tourism industry. I know they’ve kept on marketing. Though have people really taken in the ads when they know that the borders are shut?

  5. Amrit Singh says:

    I agree, 10 out of 22 destinations being European seems a little skewed. It was left wondering to what extent Condé Nast’s brief of offering wide and interesting travel choices to its readers was fulfilled?

    Certainly, some people may opt to stay closer to home post-pandemic but not to the extent inferred by the list or we long haul operators would already be long out of business.

    With my 30 year+ experience of in tourism to Asia, I only feel qualified to comment on the Asian choices within the list and have to ask why so little Asia? and, is there no cultural destination left in Asia worthy of the Conde Nast list? and finally, is Beijing the best adventure destination in China?

    Off-the-top I’d maybe consider the Songstam region in the north-west China which offers fresh adventurous and cultural experiences with a string of luxurious boutique properties that are usually a prerequisite for Conde Nast articles.

    Maybe Bhutan, The home of the Tigers Nest monastery, hidden deep in Himalayan mountains with a unique and sophisticated culture and adventurous highlights Conde Nast readers would love. It too comes with a plethora of luxurious properties.

    Or perhaps Ladakh, where snow-capped mountains, blue-green glaciers and astounding monasteries are the backdrops for safaris in search of the Snow Leopard, while staying in beautiful boutique lodges and converted palace hotels.

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