North America

From world-class cities such as New York, Toronto and Los Angeles to the serene natural beauty of national parks such as Yellowstone and Banff, North America promises the perfect blend of urban sophistication and unspoiled wilderness.

North America Travel Articles
North America


Explore the historic charm of Quebec City and marvel at the majesty of Niagara Falls, all while revelling in upscale accommodation, gourmet dining and tailor-made adventures that define the exclusivity of Canada.

North America


With iconic landmarks such as the Grand Canyon and the Golden Gate Bridge, the USA is a popular luxury destination. Indulge in exclusive experiences, from private wine tours in Napa Valley to bespoke art excursions in Miami’s Art Deco district.

Central America and Mexico

Discover travel guides, literature and maps to plan your next trip with confidence.

Central America


Barnes & Noble is home to a vast selection of travel inspiration. Explore their books ahead of your next trip, search their maps and atlases, or simply find that next great novel for those periods of downtime when you travel.

Central America

Costa Rica

Barnes & Noble is home to a vast selection of travel inspiration. Explore their books ahead of your next trip, search their maps and atlases, or simply find that next great novel for those periods of downtime when you travel.

Central America & Mexico


Enjoy both the rich tapestry of ancient traditions and the modern elegance of Mexico. Whether its Cancún’s lavish beachfront resorts or Mexico City’s upscale dining and arts scene, Mexico is a country where you can immerse yourself in the culture and connect with its vibrant heritage.

South America

South America beckons luxury travellers and promises an eclectic blend of opulent experiences and refined adventures across this diverse continent.

South America


Whether its exclusive wine tastings in Mendoza’s vineyards, gourmet dining in Buenos Aires’ top restaurants or the chance to revel in the elegant charm of historic estancias in the Pampas, Argentina offers a wealth of luxury experiences. Explore this nation’s diverse landscapes, from the stunning Patagonian wilderness to the coastal retreats in Mar del Plata.

South America


Brazil captivates visitors, be it through the pristine beaches of Rio de Janeiro or the lush Amazon rainforest, and a lot more besides. Marvel at the country’s culture, vibrant festivals and world-class cuisine, as you explore this diverse and exciting nation.

South America


The extraordinary splendour of the Atacama Desert meets the pristine wilderness of Patagonia in a country where nature’s majesty and a host of luxury travel opportunities seamlessly intertwine.

Don’t miss the the rugged beauty of Torres del Paine National Park and the splendid vineyards of the Colchagua Valley.

South America


Ecuador offers a world of contrasts, from the historic elegance of Quito’s old town to the pristine landscapes of the Galápagos Islands. It’s a land like no other that caters for the discerning adventurer – a land where you’ll find excellent luxury hotels and upscale eco-lodges, as well as gourmet cuisine inspired by local flavors and exclusive wildlife encounters.

South America


No visit to Peru is complete without experiencing the cultural vibrancy of Cusco, but take time also to visit the mystical ruins of Machu Picchu and explore the diverse landscapes of the Andes and the Amazon.

Relish in gourmet Peruvian cuisine and uncover the cultural riches of the Sacred Valley in this beguiling destination.


The sun-kissed beaches, turquoise waters and vibrant island cultures of the Caribbean present an idyllic escape for those seeking relaxation, luxury and adventure in equal measure.



Bask in exclusive beachfront resorts where azure waters and white sands set the stage for an indulgent getaway. Explore coral reefs on private snorkelling excursions, enjoy gourmet Bahamian cuisine, and unwind in a tropical paradise like no other.

Welcome to the Bahamas



Explore the historical landmarks of Barbados, savour exquisite Bajan cuisine, try your hand at watersports or simply let your hair down and relax with a Caribbean spa treatment. Colonial charm and modern comforts combine to make your tropical stay in Barbados both sophisticated and memorable.


Europe’s rich mosaic of cultures, cuisines and landscapes is sure to capture your heart. From the romantic allure of Paris to the ancient streets of Rome, this remarkable continent will capture your senses at every turn.

Eastern Europe


From the enchanting walled city of Dubrovnik, where beautiful waterfront mansions frame the Mediterranean horizon, to the hidden havens of Brac and Korcula, Croatia offers a unique blend of luxury travel experiences. The picturesque vineyards of Istria and the seamless fusion of Roman and Venetian architecture are also not to be missed.

Western Europe


Whether you’re navigating the prestigious vineyards of Champagne, exploring the romantic streets of Paris or marvelling at Provence’s boutique châteaux, France holds universal appeal, catering for solo travellers, couples and families alike.

Exquisite wines, Michelin-starred restaurants and cities full of history are just some of the things that you can look foward to on a trip to France.

Western Europe


Italy is the ultimate playground for epicureans and art aficionados. Sip wine like a connoisseur, dance through history in the shadow of Michelangelo, and navigate the cobblestone maze of the country’s delightful towns and cities.

Italy has it all, from the jaw-dropping ancient wonders of Rome to the pizza perfection of Naples and the sun-drenched beauty of the Amalfi coast.

Western Europe


From the opulent palaces of Sintra to the tranquil vineyards of the Douro Valley, Portugal has much to offer the luxury traveller. This luxury is embodied in Lisbon’s culinary scene, the quaint streets of Porto and the soul-stirring melodies of Fado. Visit Portugal and you will embark on a journey where history, culture and natural beauty harmoniously converge.

Western Europe


Whether you’re visiting Spain for the majestic mountains of the Pyrenees or the sparkling beaches of the Costa del Sol, or anything in between, you’re sure not to be disappointed. Marvel at Gaudi’s architectural triumphs in Barcelona or the grandeur of the Alhambra in Granada, and experience Spain’s culture, be that through the delights of Spanish cuisine or the passionate art of flamenco.

Western Europe


Luxury abounds in Switzerland, a country where Alpine beauty meets sophisticated living. Home to some of the world’s finest luxury hotels and ski resorts, here you can enjoy scenic train journeys through the heart of the mountains, relax with spa treatments in world-renowned wellness centres, or charter a private yacht along Lake Geneva or Lake Lucerne. Oh, and did we mention fine Swiss chocolate and exclusive Swiss watches?

Western Europe


The United Kingdom is made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and each has its own unique charm. From the beauty of the Lake District to the whiskey distilleries of Scotland, and much, much more besides, the UK has lots to offer. Just make sure you give yourself plenty of time to explore beyond London!


Whether beneath a star-studded sky or in the lap of tranquil luxury, Africa invites discerning travellers to immerse themselves in its timeless allure and to embrace the continent’s resplendent mysteries.



Experience the untamed beauty of Botswana, from the stunning landscapes of the Okavango Delta to encounters with majestic wildlife in Chobe National Park. Immerse yourself in a world of safari adventures, starry nights by the campfire, and a warm welcome from the people of Botswana. This is a luxury destination where nature takes center stage, and this remarkable African gem will be forever etched in your heart.



Kenya is a land where the spirit of Africa comes alive. The iconic savannahs of the Maasai Mara and the picturesque landscapes of the Great Rift Valley are just a part of the tapestry of natural wonders to be found in Kenya. Witness the annual wildebeest migration and connect with the vibrant cultures of the Maasai people. Kenya is a captivating blend of untamed wilderness and is a must-visit destination for every explorer and luxury safari enthusiast.



Morocco is a sensory feast of vibrant colours and tantalising aromas, where you can experience anything from the labyrinthine medinas of Marrakech and Fes to the breathtaking Sahara Desert. Immerse yourself in the timeless traditions of Berber hospitality, taste delectable Moroccan cuisine and lose yourself in the enduring magic of ancient souks. This North African gem offers a captivating journey through time and an authentic blend of modern and traditional experiences that are perfectly tailored for the luxury traveller.



The soul-stirring landscapes and towering red dunes of Namibia, as well as dramatic canyons and wild coastlines will redefine your concept of natural beauty.

Witness the surreal beauty of the Namib Desert at sunrise, encounter majestic wildlife in Etosha National Park and immerse yourself in the rich culture of Namibia’s indigenous communities. Namibia is a luxury destination with a difference!


South Africa

South Africa is a country where diverse landscapes and rich cultures await, not to mention extraordinary wildlife encounters. South Africa offers a kaleidoscope of luxury experiences: world-class wine tating in the Cape Winelands, helicopter tours over Table Mountain and the Cape Peninsula, or witnessing the Big Five in their natural habitat. This country of contrasts will leave you forever enchanted.



In Tanzania, you really can do it all; witness the awe-inspiring wildlife spectacles of the Serengeti, feel the rhythm of life in the vibrant markets of Zanzibar, or trek to the rooftop of Africa on Mount Kilimanjaro. The country where our Editor honeymooned over 20 years ago holds a special place in our heart as a very special luxury destination here on A Luxury Travel Blog!



Step into the captivating world of Zambia, where you can stand in awe of the thunderous majesty of Victoria Falls, take a luxury safari amidst the untamed landscapes of South Luangwa National Park and journey into the remote wilderness of the Lower Zambezi. The pristine natural wonders of Zambia and the genuine warmth of its people are waiting for your visit.



Experience the majestic Victoria Falls from a private suite, take exclusive safaris in Hwange National Park or enjoy the tranquility of a lavish lodge on the shores of Lake Kariba. These are just some of the luxury opportunities that await you in Zimbabwe, where the allure of an untamed Africa assures you of an unforgettable adventure.

Middle East

Amidst desert dunes and soaring skyscrapers, the Middle East offers an enticing fusion of culture, cuisine and extravagance, providing luxury experiences in a landscape that has witnessed the rise and fall of civilisations.

Middle East


Journey to the captivating landscapes of Cappadocia, where you can soar above otherworldly rock formations in a hot air balloon at sunrise, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Or how about wandering through the mystical ruins of Ephesus, before savouring the rich flavours of Turkish cuisine in the bustling streets of Istanbul. Whatever your desire, Turkey awaits.

Middle East


From lavish desert resorts that redefine opulence to Michelin-starred dining and high-end shopping experiences, the United Arab Emirates oozes luxury everywhere you look. Home to futuristic cities like Dubai, but not forgetting timeless traditions of the UAE‘s heritage, this is a land where you can be assured of the embrace of Emirati hospitality.


The largest and most diverse of continents, Asia provides an exciting fusion of traditions and innovation. With landscapes that shift from the tranquil serenity of emerald rice fields to the bustling symphonies of vibrant metropolises, Asia has something for everyone.



Discover China‘s timeless wonders in ultimate luxury. From Beijing, you can explore the grandeur of the Forbidden City and the majesty of the Great Wall. Or why not dive into the heart of China’s history with exclusive access to the Terracotta Army in Xi’an? Or how about admiring Shanghai’s mesmerizing skyline, and taking a private tour of the iconic Bund?



Welcome to a land of timeless elegance and extraordinary experiences. Whether its the the majestic allure of the Taj Mahal, the vibrant flavours of authentic Indian cuisine, a sumptuous palace stay or the tranquil charm of a spa retreat in the Himalayas, luxury travel in India promises unforgettable moments and an adventure like no other.



Elevate your luxury travel experience to new heights with a trip to Japan. Stay in exquisite ryokans, discover cultural treasures, and delight in epicurean excellence at some of the world’s most renowned Michelin-starred restaurants. Luxury experiences abound, from savouring Kobe beef in its hometown to relishing world-class sushi in the heart of Osaka.



The Maldives is well known as a luxury destination. Why not unwind in a tranquil island oasis, where palm trees sway in the gentle breeze, and the rhythm of life is set by the ebb and flow of the tides?

Or you could explore the vibrant coral reefs and immerse yourself in the vibrant marine life of the Maldives, where snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities abound.


In Oceania, Oceania, luxury finds its sanctuary in the embrace of boundless blue horizons. Australia and New Zealand need little introduction, whilst the continent’s islands enjoy a serene seclusion and resplendent beauty, in a world where tranquillity meets adventure.



Luxury in Australia can be experienced in many different ways. Travellers can savour the world-class wines of the Barossa Valley, explore the vibrant cityscape of Sydney from the comfort of a waterfront suite, or witness the rugged grandeur of Uluru at sunrise. It’s a vast country that is full of wonder and beauty, that is waiting for you to explore!


New Zealand

From the rugged Southern Alps to the pristine beaches and emerald valleys, New Zealand is a land where luxury resides in the harmony of untouched nature and modern comforts.

Visitors will marvel at the beauty of New Zealand’s landscapes and seascapes, and are sure to embrace an adventure playground like no other.

Polar Regions

For many who are lucky enough to visit the poles, exploring the world’s icy extremities is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It’s an opportunity to venture where few have dared and to discover the luxury of remoteness.

South Pole


Earth’s southernmost and most untouched continent presents a unique opportunity for luxury exploration. Amidst its vast, pristine landscapes, travellers will discover an exclusive experience like no other.

Without doubt, the luxury of the Antarctic lies in the raw, unspoiled beauty of its wilderness.

North Pole


Guests find solace in the simplicity of the unspoiled Arctic and the thrill of polar adventures. The luxury of this remote land lies in the raw grandeur of its northern expanses, and the opportunity to enjoy both seclusion and exploration at the same time – a land where polar bears roam and the Northern Lights paint the night sky.


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