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7 hidden beaches of South East Spain

7 hidden beaches of South East Spain

Spain, the second most visited country in the world, also boasts one of the world’s largest tourist industries. With over 82 million tourists recorded visiting in 2017, the annual number of visitors has broken all records for the past 5 years running. It has a rich and diverse history and boasts the world’s third largest […]

Barcelona Cava

The best places to drink Cava in Barcelona

Barcelona’s answer to Prosecco, Cava takes its origins in this very region and forms a large part of its rich gastronomy. The name itself comes from the Catalan word for the caves where the drink was first stored during the fermentation process. Following an outbreak of phyllorexa in the mid 1800s, many wine producers turned […]

Recipe of the week: 'Tigre' mussels

Recipe of the week: ‘Tigre’ mussels

Tapas is a very typical way to eat in Spain and well-known throughout the world. It is based on the idea of selecting a combination of different plates and sharing the dishes with your friends, instead of ordering the plates separately and eating from a single plate. Spain is also the largest producer of mussels […]

5 unexpected reasons to visit Gran Canaria

5 unexpected reasons to visit Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria was the most delightful surprise! This lovely island has Spring temperatures all year round and is full of colour and vibrancy. The fantastic quality of the food and wine was perhaps the biggest surprise for me – locally grown ingredients, unbelievably fresh fish and far too drinkable wines that are only available on […]

Sagrada Familia

Barcelona’s 9 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Barcelona is one of the most unique and beautiful cities in Spain, and being part of Catalonia, it has a distinctive language, cultural background, cuisine and a large handful of wonderful landmarks, nine of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. UNESCO stands for ‘United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation’ and each year, this organisation […]

A UNESCO tour of Andalusia's three cultures

A UNESCO tour of Andalusia’s three cultures

The rich history of Andalusia is in many respects the history of its three most influential cultures and their defining religions: Judaism, Islam and Christianity. Andalusia is a vast region of nearly 34 thousand square miles, with some cities established in excess of 3,000 years ago, some of the oldest in Europe. That’s a lot […]


Barcelona’s best vegetarian and vegan restaurants

As more and more people decide to lead a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, it comes as no surprise that these restaurants have become quite popular across the world, including Barcelona. Times have changed since vegans had limited options while eating out with friends. Whether you’re a vegan, vegetarian or a curious omnivore, don’t miss out […]

5 sizzling Summer festivals in Malaga, Spain

5 sizzling Summer festivals in Malaga, Spain

Already the summer season beckons. Especially here on the southernmost Mediterranean coast of Andalusia, the sun over Malaga province begins to intensify as the longest day approaches. And though the sun blazes a scorching path throughout summer, nothing in Malaga sizzles so much as the festivals between spring and autumn. Every village, town and city […]

Terrassa de les indianes

The best rooftop terrace bars in Barcelona

As you may already know, Barcelona is a city known for its many rooftop terraces and outstanding panoramic views. This can often make it difficult to choose where to go for a civilised drink in the evening, so we’ve collated a guide to some of the best rooftop terrace bars in the Catalan capital. From […]

5 reasons for a beach holiday in Malaga province

5 reasons for a beach holiday in Malaga province

With more than 8,000 km of coastline, Spain has long been a primary destination for European sun and surf seekers. In fact, Spain is set to overtake the United States this year as the second most visited country country in the world, thanks in no small part to its expansive beaches and virtually endless sunshine. […]

Gothic Quarter

Discover the neighbourhoods of Barcelona

Visiting a new city can sometimes be a daunting experience, especially when you don’t really know your way around. Although Barcelona is indeed a large city, once broken down into smaller neighbourhoods, finding your way around is in fact not such a difficult task. The beauty of Barcelona is that although the different neighbourhoods (or […]

13 of the best national parks to visit in May

13 of the best national parks to visit in May

May is a wonderful time of year to get out and explore the countryside. The weather is getting sunnier (for much of the northern hemisphere, at least) and yet most places are not yet overrun by tourism. With many families staying at home (whilst school and university examinations are in full swing), it’s a great […]

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5 European escapes for Summer 2018

Summer 2018 is fast approaching and it’ll soon be time for us to jet-off to warmer climes across the globe for a week or two of sun-soaked relaxation. For some, the Caribbean is a major draw for its white-sandy beaches and crystal-clear coves whilst Bali appeals for its exotic culture. For those still seeking a […]

8 reasons why you should visit Cordoba

8 reasons why you should visit Cordoba

One thousand years ago, Cordoba was Medieval Europe’s powerhouse, its cultural leader. And the tolerant Islamic caliphate was surprisingly modern: architects recycled Roman ruins for the Mezquita, liberal thinking Caliphs had both men and women in their harems. Whilst Western European peasants worried that their wattle-and-daub might not see out the winter the Cordoba folk were […]

Gondola on Canal Grande with Santa Maria della Salute, Venice

Top 5 places to visit in the Mediterranean

Beautiful beaches, historic port towns and a unique combination of cultures and cuisines are just a few of the reasons that the Mediterranean continues to be one of the most popular holiday and cruise destinations on the planet. From living “La Dolce Vita” in Italy’s floating city of Venice to exploring the cobbled streets of […]

Andalusian insights: the spirit of Malaga in five "pueblos"

Andalusian insights: the spirit of Malaga in five “pueblos”

The province of Malaga on Spain’s southern Mediterranean coast evolved from a rich and varied past. A story beginning with pre-historic cave dwellers and ancient, nomadic tribes, Phoenician settlers, and Roman, Visigoth and Moorish conquerors ahead of the Christian “re-conquest”. The city of Malaga was founded nearly 3,000 years ago, making it one of the […]