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Viennese Modernism Highlights: Wiener Secession

10 Viennese Modernism gems for art fans

At the turn of the 19th century Vienna’s art scene was packed with aesthets, geniuses, revolutionaries and psychos. Together they created the Viennese Modernism that still enthuses art fans around the world. Exactly 100 years after its key protagonists Gustav Klimt, Koloman Moser, Egon Schiele, and Otto Wagner died, what are the must sees of
Dance opportunities in Vienna: Ball at Hofburg Palace

Top classical and retro dance places in Vienna

With carnival in full swing Vienna is all singing all dancing. While Austria’s capital is famous for its elegant winter balls, classical and retro dance events take place throughout the year. Here are the top five opportunities for ballroom and modern dancers in Wien: Classical balls Since the Congress of Vienna in 1815 elegant ballroom
Vienna Winter Sports: skiing close to Vienna

The best Winter sport places in and around Vienna

Vienna may not be the obvious winter sports destination. For a break from sightseeing, however, a few excellent places in and around Austria’s capital invite for ice skating, ice curling, tobogganing, cross country skiing and even Alpine skiing. Ice skating Since Vienna hosts several excellent ice skating places this is the easiest winter sport to
Avoid Tourist Crowds in Vienna: Kunsthistorisches Museum

5 ways to outsmart the tourist crowds in Vienna

With more and more tourists succumbing to Vienna’s old world lure there are five effective ways to stay off the tourist crowds. When visiting this top cultural capital have your cake and eat it, but do it the smart way. Accommodation: boutique and neighbourhood While large palace hotels undoubtedly have their charms, so do exquisite
Spas and Wellness Centers Vienna: Sacher Spa

Top 5 spas and wellness centers in and around Vienna

Ever thought of restoring your health in cake paradise Vienna? While Austria’s capital is famous for adding a few extra calories few travellers are aware that Wien and surroundings host top health oases. Here are the best 5 spas and wellness centers to balance out the sweet life. Sacher Boutique Spa Vienna’s legendary hotel and
5 of the best Austrian cities and towns and what to do there

5 of the best Austrian cities and towns and what to do there

Not Bavaria but not quite Italy either: Many Austrian towns beyond Vienna blend the looks of their Bavarian neighbours with the laid back character of their Southern counterparts. Here are the five best urban spaces to soak up culture, atmosphere, beer and wine. Salzburg Less than ten times smaller than Vienna (by population) the home
7 of the best photo and video spots in Vienna

7 of the best photo and video spots in Vienna

Capturing the best of Vienna through a lens requires perspective rather than tough search. After all, Wien is one of Europe’s most elegant cities, boasting a historic center that is a UNESCO World Heritage. Here are seven spots at both well known attractions and insider places that will add a unique angle to a Vienna photo
The most stunning Austrian castle hotels for a night out from Vienna

The most stunning Austrian castle hotels for a night out from Vienna

While cultural tourism is booming in Vienna Austria the quaint castle hotels in its lush green surroundings have largely gone unnoticed. At a maximum an hour and a half’s drive from Wien history, luxury and nature enthusiasts will find a welcome break from their city break. Here are the top 6 Medieval and Renaissance Austrian
Wine Experiences Vienna: Loisium Wine World

5 of the most rewarding wine experiences in and around Vienna

Unlike orange juice wine connects Austrian travellers with typical places, people and things to enjoy. Knocking back a glass of Grüner Veltliner in a vineyard is only one of them. Learn more about 5 of the most rewarding wine experiences in Austria’s capital Vienna and surroundings. Wine biking in the Danube Valley of Wachau Almost since the Romans left their vines
Elegant evenings in Vienna: Fete Imperiale

5 of the most elegant evenings in Vienna

If you can’t spruce yourself up in Vienna, where else could you? While Austria’s capital boasts tons of old-world-glamour, the idea of true elegance often stops at the individual. Consequently, a few less savvy visitors stick out in elegant evening wear among a crowd of casual locals attending a concert or opera. Here are five occasions your
Austrian Danube: Schloss Muehldorf

The Austrian Danube's 7 most charming hotels

It has been mostly bikers and river cruisers who explored the Austrian Danube, if only en passant. However, once you figure out where to stay, take back a few gears to connect more deeply with history, culture – and wine – of Austria’s Danube valleys. Feldkirchen an der Donau: Hotel Schloss Mühldorf A beacon of history and
Austrian Cakes: Patisserie Demel

9 of the best Austrian cakes... and where to eat them

Real luxury food in Austria comes in the form of dessert. Torten have outruled  Habsburg Emperors, calorie counters and health gurus. Here are nine of the most powerful Austrian cakes, along with the best Viennese patisseries that serve them. Sacher torte Simple ingredients, delicate manufacturing:  Vienna’s signature cake by Hotel Sacher is a chocolate sponge with a
Top 5 venues in Vienna for classical music connoisseurs

Top 5 venues in Vienna for classical music connoisseurs

Every day, Austria’s capital Vienna stages one to three dozen classical music events. Many of them take place in luxurious spots but not all of them offer a luxury experience. Here are Wien’s top five classical venues for music connoisseurs. Wiener Musikverein The home of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra is the epicenter of classical music.
Vienna Neighbourhood: Otto Wagner House Koestlergasse

5 Vienna neighbourhoods with rare gems

Most Vienna travellers don’t afford the luxury of going beyond its main attractions: Inner city, Ringstrasse, Schonbrunn Palace, and key museums and coffeehouses. They will never know the neighbourhood gems hiding in the ‘world’s most livable city’ (Mercer Consulting Quality of Living Rankings). If you go on a Vienna neighbourhoods walk  you can find charming places few travellers
5 ways to connect with the locals in Vienna

5 ways to connect with the locals in Vienna

Vienna, Austria has created a luxury environment to travel back in time: sumptuous baroque palaces and Art Nouveau architecture, a cake and coffeehouse culture nurtured over centuries, an unparalleled classical music heritage and a well cultivated Imperial history. However, more modern travellers are ready to venture beyond stucco, sweets, and stories of the defunct. They