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Celebrate Spring in Andalusia

Celebrate Spring in Andalusia

Winter never seems to linger long in Andalusia. With more than 300 days of sunshine each year, Andalusia claims the sunniest spot in Europe and it often feels like Spring is the longest season of all. The warm weather contributes to the virtually endless string of festivals throughout the year, which always kicks off with […]

Barcelona's hidden gem: Carrer d'Avinyó

Barcelona’s hidden gem: Carrer d’Avinyó

Tired of the tourist packed streets, shops, and restaurants? Looking for a more authentic, local experience? Take a stroll through the winding streets of the Gothic Quarter, but be sure to keep your eye out for Carrer d’Avinyó, a hidden gem among the popular souvenir shops and paella restaurants. Whether you’re looking for or happen […]

5 of the best art and architecture stops in Barcelona, Spain

5 of the best art and architecture stops in Barcelona, Spain

The versatility of Barcelona makes it one of the most popular tourist spots in Europe: cosmopolitan city, golden beaches, historic monuments, modern design hotels, cutting-edge cuisine – whether you want a relaxing break or a culture-filled trip, Barcelona is the perfect holiday destination. Even if sun-loungers and sangria are more your thing, don’t miss out […]

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5 of the world’s most exclusive hotels with up to 70% off

As you can imagine I have stayed at some absolutely amazing hotels and resorts, which is definitely one of the perks of my job. Whether I am visiting an iconic city or one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in the world, I always like to get the best out of my trip, by matching […]

Spain's Stonehenge - the heart and soul of Andalusia in ancient Antequera

Spain’s Stonehenge – the heart and soul of Andalusia in ancient Antequera

Little known outside of Andalusia until recently, the ancient city of Antequera in Malaga province has gained a lot of international recognition of late. Much of this renewed attention comes thanks to the Antequera Dolmens Site being awarded a UNESCO World Heritage designation in July of 2016; however, the town has held strategic importance for […]

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Living like a local in Barcelona – a perfect day

There are a lot of things to see and do in the Catalan Capital. Whether you want to experience the city through a local’s eyes, or want to visit all the touristic sights, Barcelona is a place that will give you the best memories. Though visiting the most popular sights, such as Las Ramblas, La […]


5 of the best ski resorts for corporate ski trips

In my 12 years working in skiing, I’ve been asked many times which are the best ski resorts for a corporate ski trip. Of course, it depends on the age range of your group, ski ability, budget and how much time you can spare. However, I’ve organised hundreds of corporate ski trips over the years […]

Top 5 health and fitness holidays for 2017

Top 5 health and fitness holidays for 2017

So many of us start off our year determined to achieve our weight loss goals. If you want to get in shape, it’s much easier to focus on that on holiday that it is at home whilst trying to juggle your hectic life. Still, you’re on holiday, you want to do more than burpees and […]

7 of the best properties in Europe for family travel

7 of the best properties in Europe for family travel

Traveling with young children and teenagers can often be challenging: finding the right place that caters to all ages may not always be simple. Still, there are properties that are, at the same time, ideal for toddlers, kids, teens and adults, properties that feature a vast array of entertaining options that will make everyone happy […]

Top 10 museums in Malaga, Spain

Top 10 museums in Malaga, Spain

Over the past ten years, the Malaga council spent more than €100m on the arts and cultural developments in the city. No more is Malaga known only for its bustling Mediterranean port, beaches, sunshine and tapas; the city now emerges as the cultural capital of Andalusia with an art scene rivaling Madrid and Barcelona. With […]

Top 7 new dining destinations in Barcelona

Top 7 new dining destinations in Barcelona

Check out some of Barcelona’s newest and most acclaimed restaurants. Here we have compiled for you a list of the newest and best restaurant suggestions, each specializing in mouth-watering menu items that will have you booking your reservations before you can finish this article! 1. Robadora Specializing in tapas, this Gastrobar was created with the […]

10 exciting ways to pass the Winter in Andalusia

10 exciting ways to pass the Winter in Andalusia

Andalusia may be best known for its sweeping beaches and seemingly endless summer sun, long serving as a haven for those wishing to soak up some reliable rays. This reputation is well founded; however, even throughout the winter there is no shortage of fascinating and exciting things to do. And with the best climate in […]

8 of the world's best villas for golf lovers

8 of the world’s best villas for golf lovers

A golf holiday can be a great way to spend and have a great time while enjoying your favorite sport: from mountain lodges to sea side estates, there are plenty of properties around the world that are right on the green. Villa Manzu, Costa Rica Staying at Villa Manzu is an unforgettable experience in itself, […]

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4 of the best places to celebrate New Year’s Eve in 2016

It’s nearly that time of the year again, the time when we must decide and begin our preparations for New Year’s Eve before it’s too late. But rather than spend it in the familiar surroundings of yours or someone else’s home, this year, start the countdown and bring in the New Year abroad. (Don’t worry; […]

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The top 3 premium shopping streets in Barcelona

Barcelona may not be as well known as other European cities for its shopping hotspots, but if you’re looking for some retail therapy in a beautiful setting, then the Catalan capital will definitely have something for you. From unique boutiques to big brands, including some of the best designers around, here we give you the […]

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5 alternative tours to try in Barcelona

With our smartphone maps and varying individual tastes, self-guided tours often serve as the way we navigate around a new city. But unfortunately, they don’t always provide the most efficient and interesting tours for new explorers. We want you to make the most of your time in any city, but especially in Barcelona. Here you’ll […]