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Ritz Carlton Cruise Exteriors Visual

Ritz-Carlton hotel group launches luxury cruise ships

The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection looks set to defy cruise ship stereotypes. Ritz-Carlton Hotels recently revealed their plans for their luxury cruise line, which is scheduled to launch late in 2019. The three ships that are being designed will be like hybrids of small ocean liners and private superyachts. According to Bloomberg the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection […]

Panorama of Marseille, France

5 glittering reasons to charter a yacht on the French Riviera

A French Riviera yacht charter is like living inside a film set, as you drift along this most glamorous of coastlines on a superyacht. Whether docking beneath Monaco’s palace for a night at the Casino de Monte Carlo, swimming off the yacht in the tranquil Cannes Islands, or approaching Saint Tropez as the afternoon light […]

Neyk: the world's most luxurious submarine

Neyk: the world’s most luxurious submarine

If you’re considering buying the perfect toy for your that special someone in your life or yourself, then you can be sure you’ll make a splash with the remarkable, bespoke submarine: Neyk. This is officially the best private luxury toy I have discovered to date. Ocean Submarines say that Neyk will be available from early […]

Miami on deck: cruising Florida's sophisticated city

Miami on deck: cruising Florida’s sophisticated city

Take it all in from the water – the exciting, metropolitan cities of Miami and Miami Beach offer infinite possibilities for enjoyment during a private yacht cruise. Complete a thorough tour all in one day, or choose multiple destinations for lingering over a few days. Ready? Let’s cruise! Enter Miami’s Biscayne Bay from the Atlantic […]

Aurea superyacht

Meet Aurea: an elegant superyacht with her own beach club

The craftsmen at Italian luxury yacht builders, Rossinavi, have joined forces with the iconic design studio, Pininfarina, to create an elegant superyacht that takes luxury and creativity to a whole new level. The styling house based in Turin, Pininfarina, are best known for some of the most exotic Maseratis, Ferraris and Alfa Romeos. Aurea is […]

Paul Gauguin cruises south pacific

Cruising aboard the m/s Paul Gauguin in 2018

Dip your toes into a world of South Pacific wonder and be forever changed by her beauty. Let your senses be astounded on board the m/s Paul Gauguin. The multiple award-winning luxury cruise company, Paul Gauguin Cruises, have recently debuted their 2018 Tahiti, French Polynesia & South Pacific Brochure. Even reading the brochure online will […]

Bugatti Niniette 66 superyacht

The new supercar-inspired superyacht from Bugatti

Bugatti have collaborated with Palmer Johnson, the expert yacht designers and builders, to create a truly unique superyacht. The Bugatti Niniette 66 will be a limited edition, powerful, extremely innovative superyacht, which marries the design philosophy of Palmer Johnson and Bugatti. Order your matching supercar and superyacht It’s great news for those of you who […]

5 Wyoming wildlife experiences

5 Wyoming wildlife experiences

When reminiscing about Wyoming, a few things come to mind; western flare, skiing and, most predominately, wildlife. Thanks to the abundance of National Parks, nature preserves and protected land, Wyoming has a rich diversity of species roaming among the pristine terrain. Experiencing these creatures through tours by knowledgeable experts can be the most enriching thing […]


The world’s first underwater lounge on a cruise ship

Luxury cruise company a la française, Ponant, have announced new fleet plans for 2018 that will offer the world’s most sensory cruise line experience. Ponant’s Le Lapérouse liner will feature an underwater passenger lounge: the Blue Eye lounge. Think along the lines of James Bond meets The Big Blue. A multi-sensory experience Ponant have described […]

10 exceptional wildlife experiences in Latin America

10 exceptional wildlife experiences in Latin America

It doesn’t matter what type of holiday or trip you are looking for; Latin America has something to offer everyone. There are idyllic beaches, fascinating historical sites, exciting adventurous activities, off-the-scale luxury hotels and award-winning restaurants to name but a few. However, if you are interested in wildlife, the options are endless. From sweeping mountainous […]

10 great reasons to cruise to Greenland

10 great reasons to cruise to Greenland

Tourism is still a relatively new phenomenon for Greenland. They’ve only had an active tourism office since the early 1990s, and like with any baby industry they’re still finding their way. Which is great for luxury travellers – you’ll still be getting a true immersion into Greenland’s culture without a lot of tourist-facing brouhaha getting […]

Top 5 luxury cruise ships

Top 5 luxury cruise ships

Many cruise lines market themselves as luxury, but which luxury cruise ships truly deserve the moniker? For most luxury travelers, it’s not just about the suite or stateroom, but also the level of service, food, and overall attention to detail. Here are the luxury cruise ships I’d most recommend: 1. Crystal Esprit The 62 passenger […]

Top 5 new hotels in Vietnam

Top 5 new hotels in Vietnam

Vietnam is moving from strength to strength as a travel destination. Its fast-growing economy, large youth population and foreign business investment have all provided fantastic opportunities for the hotel industry. Traditionally, Vietnam has never offered the same amount of super high-end luxury that nearby Southeast Asian countries could. There was a limited choice of ‘crème […]

Cruise the mighty North American rivers

Cruise the mighty North American rivers

The rivers of North America have long been transport routes.  They helped the early travellers explore the continent.  Today they are a marvellous way to slowly explore the countryside. Is it the Mississippi in the south or the St. Lawrence in the north that pulls at your heart strings?  let us look at the options. […]

8 exciting ways an Antarctica cruise might change your life

8 exciting ways an Antarctica cruise might change your life

People who have taken an Antarctic cruise will tell you it is an experience not quite like any other vacation experience they’ve ever had. And chances are, they’ll keep trying to tell you, again and again, how life-changing the trip truly was, only pausing when they take a moment to book their next trip to […]

RMS Queen Mary 2 - the ship of luxury

RMS Queen Mary 2 – the ship of luxury

When it comes to transatlantic cruises and elegance, there’s no finer cruise ship than the RMS Queen Mary 2. Built in 2004 for Cunard Line, she has a huge passenger capacity of 2,620 and offers some of the best, most luxurious activities to experience on board a cruise ship. So, what makes Queen Mary 2 […]