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The 5 best places to spend Christmas abroad

The 5 best places to spend Christmas abroad

Our favourite destinations for Christmas getaways involve lots of sunshine and warm weather.  It’s hard to beat the idea of escaping the short wintery days, swapping your Christmas jumper and grey skies for a swimsuit and two weeks of beautiful sunshine. Here are some of the best places to visit at Christmas time: Barbados Being […]

5 reasons to cruise India's mighty Brahmaputra River

5 reasons to cruise India’s mighty Brahmaputra River

Being a regular visitor to India for more than 20 years, I am often looking for the new and the unexplored. And I know that for many travellers who have been traversing the globe for equally as long and longer – there’s a value placed on experiences that are unique and travel that has a […]

5 amazing boating experiences in Burma

5 amazing boating experiences in Burma

It’s not difficult to find incredible destinations in Myanmar; the hard part, in a country where the public transport network is still in its infancy, is getting to them. But there is a way to get to those untouched places that aren’t yet accessible by road or rail, and it just so happens that it’s […]

Craftsman in Fez, Morocco

5 travel experiences you didn’t know existed

Much of the joy of travel stems from experiencing something new, stumbling upon the unexpected and seeing a place in a new light. While seeing iconic sites is all part of your journey, the best memories often come from trying things that are out of the ordinary. Here, we’ve listed five experiences that you may […]

The world's best curry: 6 unmissable Indian restaurants

The world’s best curry: 6 unmissable Indian restaurants

India is a country that is best enjoyed when the traveller makes full use of all his senses. The kaleidoscopic colours of a Hindu temple, the hot sugar smell of jabeli being fried at a roadside stall, the laughter and shouts of a billion people busying about their lives. More than anything, India is a […]

Six Senses Con Dao, Con Dao, Vietnam

Top 6 beach resorts in Southeast Asia

The idyllic beaches of Southeast Asia have drawn many a holidaymaker over to the Southeast Asian shores, seeking solitude, sun, sea and sand. Despite the millions that flock to these beaches, globalisation and ease of travelling has ruined much of these stretches of sand as hordes of tourists – both international and local – take […]

Geisha in Japan

12 of the most exclusive experiences in Japan

Steeped in tradition and culture, Japan is a country with lots to offer—especially when it comes to one-of-kind experiences. From forging your own samurai sword or going behind the scenes in a sumo stable, to learning the craft of calligraphy from a master, we’ve rounded up our favourite bespoke experiences that get you away from […]

Top 5 Sri Lanka experiences with kids

Top 5 Sri Lanka experiences with kids

Sri Lanka is often associated with romantic honeymoons or rugged backpacking adventures, however as it grows in popularity the island nation is increasing in facilities and activities for travelling families. It’s unique landscape, colourful history and cultural charm provides a number of unique experiences the whole family will be recalling for years. Here are my […]

Lights... camera... action! 10 film locations you must visit

Lights… camera… action! 10 film locations you must visit

“Lights, camera, action…!” And you should definitely have your camera ready for these amazing breath taking film locations. So many times I have watched some fabulous films and been inspired by the backdrop, wishing I could be transported there or indeed know where they are in order to get my itinerary arranged and tickets booked […]

Top 5 shock city secrets!

Top 5 shock city secrets!

You can never know a truly great city, as the world’s finest metropolises are ever-morphing, ever-changing enigmas, unable to be captured in one moment in time. That is exactly what makes them great – they’re unexpected, unpredictable, and entirely fascinating. Here are 5 secret tips that will help you uncover the best of your favourite […]

Get ready for Holi Festival 2017

Get ready for Holi Festival 2017

In 2017 the Holi Festival will be celebrated on Monday 13th March. Otherwise known as the Festival of Colours, Holi is fast becoming one of the most sought after experiences for foreign visitors, especially photographers. In this article we look at the essential elements to plan your own trip. Destination The first step in planning […]

Top 5 characterful hotels in Asia

Top 5 characterful hotels in Asia

I am not a big fan of generic luxury hotels. I rarely travel for the sake of a hotel but some are an exception. If a property genuinely speaks to the region, says something about where it is and is an interactive place to be then I’ll travel to experience it. In short: it’s when […]

8 of the world's best villas for golf lovers

8 of the world’s best villas for golf lovers

A golf holiday can be a great way to spend and have a great time while enjoying your favorite sport: from mountain lodges to sea side estates, there are plenty of properties around the world that are right on the green. Villa Manzu, Costa Rica Staying at Villa Manzu is an unforgettable experience in itself, […]

Thailand's most luxurious ethical elephant experience

Thailand’s most luxurious ethical elephant experience

Hiding in the lush, mist-shrouded bamboo jungle of the Golden Triangle is the exclusive Four Seasons Tented Camp. With only 15 exceptional ‘tents’ and one two bedroom lodge, the Camp offers a truly unique luxury experience. Guests have the opportunity to explore the culture and history of the area where Thailand, Burma and Laos meet, […]

4 sublime vegan meals in Hong Kong

4 sublime vegan meals in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a foodies’ paradise, there’s no doubt about it. Every twist and turn through this densely populated international travel and business hub unveils a new place to eat, whether it’s street food or Michelin starred dining. It seems that every cuisine is represented here too with Italian, Mexican, Indian, American, and Japanese restaurants […]

The World's 10 Best Airport Lounges

The world’s 10 best airport lounges

Air travel these days can be very stressful and often time-consuming. How often have you heard anybody claim that they were looking forward to being in an airport lounge? There are, however, some lounges that are a veritable haven of peace and tranquillity. These are some the most luxurious airport lounges on the planet. The […]